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French National Handball League odds

French National Handball League odds

Who wins the French National Handball League 2019?

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In the French sports landscape, the French handball championship, Lidl Starligue, is now in third place in group sports, behind Ligue 1 and TOP 14. The champion and the vice-champion are directly qualified for the group phase of the EHF Champions League. The winners of the Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue are qualified for the EHF Cup. If the winner of (one of) these cups is also the champion, the place(s) are attributed in terms of the final ranking.

Just before the few matches of the 2017/2018 season, Montpellier had lost to Saint-Raphaël (26-25) and had lost the leading position of Lidl Starligue that the club had been holding for many months. A day of the end, it is now the Paris-SG who has the hand to win the title of champion of France. After the match, Vincent Gerard, the Montpellier goalkeeper, was angry against the referees

The HBC Nantes stumbled on the 2nd market of this edition 2017-2018 of the League of champions of handball. Montpellier became European handball champion again, fifteen years after its first title, beating Nantes, 32-26, in the first French-French final of the Champions League on Sunday in Cologne. In 2003, the MHB had already created the sensation. This time, the surprise is even greater because very few early in the season would have bet on his chances. Winger Michaël Guigou and coach Patrice Canayer are the only two to have lived both adventures.

Montpellier is the only French club in history to have won the EHF Champions League. The first time the club won the tournament was in the 2002-03 season. The club has won other esteemed tournaments several times including: LNH Division 1 championship 14 times, Coupe De France 12 time, Coupe de la Ligue ten times, Championnat de France N1B (1991-92), Championnat de France Nationale 2 (1988-89) and Championnat de France Nationale 3 (1987–88).

"French professional handball is progressing every season: the NHL is moving forward, clubs are being structured, new, modern venues are opening up and welcoming a growing audience, and new economic partners are integrating into the economy. Lidl Starligue's show is at the highest level thanks to an exceptional player platform around almost all the players of the Equipe de France and the biggest international stars,” said the president of French handball.

The broadcasting rights of Lidl Starligue, Proligue, Trophée des Champions, Coupe de la Ligue and Hand Star Game are therefore put back into play. BeIN Sports, the current holder, pays € 4 million per year, against 1.2 million paid by Canal + before 2014.

Tremblay-en-France Handball's club (Lidl Starligue) announced the one-year extension of Luka Šebetić's contract. The young Croatian right-back (23) is now linked to the club until June 2019.

Montpellier announced the signing of Kevin Bonnefoi for four years. The goalkeeper of Cesson-Rennes will be loaned next season before joining the formation in. Being the successor of St. Raphael and Istres, Bonnefoi had arrived in Brittany four years ago. In 2016, he was voted best goalkeeper of the French Championship.