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Genoa next manager odds

Genoa next permanent manager odds

Genoa next manager after Aurelio Andreazzoli

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Who is Genoa manager Aurelio Andreazzoli?

The current Genoa manager, Aurelio Andreazzoli, was born in Massa, Italy in 1953. As a coach, Andreazzoli has been active for over 30 years and has held 17 different roles in this period. Unusually for a manager, Andreazzoli's first venture into the footballing world was as a coach, not as a player. He has risen up the footballing ladder, going from coaching amateur clubs from the age of 24 to youth coaching, and finally senior management.

He started his career with a tiny provincial club in Italy, Ortonovo. Here he would take his first small steps into the game. He stayed with Ortonovo for three seasons, from 1987 to 1990 before moving to another amateur club, Piestrasanta who were based nearby and were slightly more senior in terms of their position in the Italian football pyramid. He would only stay for a year before deciding to vacate the managerial chair in favour of joining Castelnuovo Garfagnana in 1991.

This could be regarded, if not as Andrezzoli's big break, then at least as his first medium-sized one. Garfagnana are now a defunct club after sadly being liquidated at the end of the 2007/2008 season, but back when Andreazzoli was in charge they were playing in the third division. Again he would spend a single season with the club before moving teams again, again to a Serie C club: Lucchese - but this time he was in charge of the club's youth team, the first of a number of youth positions Andreazzoli has held throughout his career. He stayed a little longer with Lucchese, two years rather than one, before again deciding to seek pastures new.

Massese was his preferred destination. Here, he returned to a senior managerial position, again in Serie C. It was at the end of his two-year tenure, in 1996 when Italian football was at the pinnacle of the game, that Andreazzoli got his first taste of being involved with a top-flight club. This club was Fiorentina - Andreazzoli was part of the established youth stp up there. He coached a number of talented young players who would rise through the ranks with the club before moving back into senior management once more.

In 1998 he joined Tempio for a brief and unsuccessful spell as manager of the Serie C club; he was sacked a little short of a year into his tenure. From there he joined Aglianese where he was more successful, staying for two years before moving again to Grosseto at the start of the new millennium.

He stayed for a season with Grosseto before moving to Alessandria, his first club in the second division. This would prove to be something of a watershed moment in Andreazzoli's career as after this point he moved into becoming an assistant manager - a step backwards at the time but one which would prove productive in the grand scheme of his career. In 2003, after his time with Groseto was up, he moved to Udinese in the top flight where he would be second in command. He stayed for two solid seasons before making the step up to join Roma where he partnered up with Luciano Spalleti, who would go on to hold a number of high-profile positions in Serie A.

He stayed at Roma under Spalleti's command for almost four years until Spalleti left the club. After a two year absence from the game, however, Andreazzoli was reunited with Roma, this time under Luis Enrique and Zdeněk Zeman respectively. All-in-all, Andrezzoli spent eight years with the club and he is remembered fondly by those involved with them.

After a brief spell as caretaker manager in 2013 in which he lead the team to the Coppa Italia final, Andreazzoli left Roma to go on self-imposed hiatus from the game. Four years later he returned with Empoli in the second division. He enjoyed a fantastic season with the team, winning the league at a stroll and took charge of them in the subsequent Serie A season in which he was sacked. He was reappointed however before leaving again.

Andreazzoli now takes charge of Genoa and fans are hopeful he can improve on their 17th placed finish this season and propel them to mid-table and safety from relegation.


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