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GP Arjaan de Schipper odds

There is no odds at GP Arjaan de Schipper (ZLM Tour) 2022 yet, but we have found odds at Tour de France 2022.

Who wins GP Arjaan de Schipper (ZLM Tour) 2021?

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GP Arjaan de Schipper 2021

The Grote Prijs Arjaan de Schipper 2021 is a Dutch one-day cycling competition that is held every year in the Goes area in Zeeland. The race generally takes place nearly April and May and shows a wonderful cycling event around Zeeland city. The race is also anticipated to be held from 9 to 13 june 2021. This will be the 24th edition of the GP Arjaan de Schipper and usually runs as a 1.Ncup event on the UCI Road Series U23.

The competition is organized every year by the Cycling foundation Arjaan de Schipper Trophy in Goes, Zeeland, the Netherlands. It was included in the UCI Under 23 Nations' Cup with the 1.Ncup race classification until 2018. The race has been part of the UCI Road Series U23 since 2019. Until 2018, it was named the ZLM Tour. It is not necessary to confuse this ZLM Tour with the Ster ZLM Tour stage run.

The route is generally designed with flat and climbing sessions with 170 to 180 km total race distance. The race is run around the Goes area in Zeeland and represents a wonderful cycling competition. It finishes in one-day and travels The Netherlands city like a great cycling tour for the country. The route is ultimately a bunch of sprints involving some important climbs on the hilly tracks.

The 2020 GP Arjaan de Schipper was postponed due to a coronavirus epidemic around the country.

Competing Teams

Many teams are seen participating in the competition every year. Though the race is completed in one day, the race has importance to many expert riders as they can get an important practice race from that. However, the competing teams are expected including:

Wallonie-Bruxelles Devo, EFC-L&R-Vulsteke, SEG Racing Academy, Lotto - Soudal U23, Volker-Wessels-Merckx, Monkey Town - A Block CT, Metec - TKH, Aluvano Development Team, Sensa- Kanjers voor Kanjers CT, Home Solution-Soenens and so forth.

Recent Winners

Belgian cyclist Jonas Castrique is the recent winner of the GP Arjaan de Schipper 2019. He was riding for the team Wallonie-Bruxelles Devo and kept his first position defeating Cédric Beullens (EFC-L&R-Vulsteke) and Marten Kooistra (SEG Racing Academy).

Other winners of the recent editions are Matteo Moschetti (Team Italy) 2018, Christopher Lawless (Team Axeon - Hagens Berman) 2017, Amund Grøndahl (Team Norway) 2016, Søren Kragh Andersen (Team Tre-For - Blue Water) 2015, Thomas Boudat (Team Vendee U) 2014.