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Greek Basket League Odds

Who wins Greek Basket League 2019/2020?

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2019–20 Greek Basket League

The pinnacle of world basketball is the NBA to most, and that's a fact not an opinion. People put in a lot of effort to get to the USA in order to test themselves against the best that's available, and while that’s a commendable dream to have, it’s not the only other option out there. Several high profile leagues exist today, and each of them has something that makes them great - Greek Basket League is one such example.

The first tier professional basketball league represents the very best that the nation has to offer over in Greece. While they may not be as good at the other sports, but when it comes to basketball, well, it’s a different story. They’ve been one of the biggest powerhouses in the sport for many years now. Run by the Hellenic Basketball Federation, Greek Basket League has legitimately been ranked as one of the top 5 leagues on the planet ever since league rankings began.


14 teams compete in the Greek Basket League during any given season, which tend to run between October and June. Each team plays twenty-six games with one coming at home and one away, with the top 8 teams progressing into the playoff system. You must have a one thousand seater venue in order to be eligible to play, with the total actually being much higher for the EuroLeague, the EuroCup, or the FIBA Champions League.

Since, the 1988–89 season the Greek Basket League teams were able to have foreigners compete for them, but on the twelve-man rosters, six of the competitors need to be Greek - which helps to maintain a sense of national pride within the league.

In a few short months, we’ll get to see another season of high-quality European action as the Greek Basket League returns. The fourteen teams that will take part this time around are AEK, Aris Thessaloniki, Gymnastikos Larissas Faros, Holargos, Kolossos, Kyimis, Lavrio Megabolt, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos Superfoods, Panionios, PAOK, Peristeri, Promitheas Patras, and finally Rethymno Cretan Kings.

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