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Grimsby next manager odds

Grimsby next permanent manager odds

Grimsby next manager after Paul Hurst

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How Paul Hurst is Creating a More Competitive Environment at Grimsby Town

One of English Football’s most historically relevant clubs, Grimsby Town is Lincolnshire’s pride as the only team in the region to compete at the top of English football. Nowadays, The Mariners are making an attempt to relive some of its best moments by fighting for trophies and finding promotions into more competitive tiers of football. To make that happen, there’s one man leading that charge, Paul Hurst. Like many other managers, he’s an ex-player who spent most of his time as a defender in 1993 – 2008. Interestingly enough, his entire career was spent in an unshaken loyalty to Rotherham United with a brief loan to Burton Albion in his final year.

So far in his managerial career, Hurst has had quite the journey, joining Grimsby town as a joint manager back in 2011 before taking the full role in 2013 up until 2016. His return to the team in 2020 shows that there’s a special recipe he seems to have with the team.

His original stint with Grimsby was back when they were clawing through the bottom ranks of the Football League. He was able to help them find some footing and a promotion to League Two in the 2014-15 season. This high pressure capacity to deliver is something that the management must value in him as they offered him a 30 months contract in December 2020 alone.

Unfortunately though, he signed in to a team that was basically doomed to a relegation. According to an interview on Grimsbylive with club legend John McDermott, he had “been given a gun with about two bullets in it.” That period certainly wasn’t an enjoyable one for the Mariners, but they managed to bounce their way back into the Football League through a strong playoff campaign.

Currently, Grimsby Town is performing an overhaul for various positions in its squad. Just recently, the club signed a young Newcastle United free agent, Owen Gallacher. The 23 year old left back is fresh off a loan spell and ready to transfer that experience into a strong momentum.

Speaking on his entry into the team, Paul Hurst had this to say “he’s quite versatile and he’s a good age.”

Some other signings have accompanied the left back in this transfer window, including right-back Josh Emmanuel from the Hull City. His League One experience should help with improving their defensive capabilities.

Still, the main priority for the Mariners has been to acquire a solid forward that can be reliable in high stakes games. The recent loan of Norwich City’s 20 year old forward, Tom Dickson-Peters will help Hurst open up his options. This youngster is fresh off a loan spell at League One and that confidence will reflect in his games with the Mariners.

A last minute loan on deadline day also saw the entry of George Lloyd on loan from Cheltenham, rounding out the forward revamp at Grimsby.

Hurst seems like a man with a plan, but only time will tell if these new signings will transfer to a more competitive team. If he has brought them back from a close call before, it’s no surprise that fans and the management can count on him.

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