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Hearthstone GrandMasters Season 2 odds

Grandmasters America - Winner Season 2

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Grandmasters Asia - Winner Season 2

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Grandmasters Europe - Winner Season 2

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Hearthstone GrandMasters 2019 – Season 2

The first season of the Hearthstone Grandmasters ended up meeting all the expectations of both the organizers, the players and the spectators, where the Greek Chris “Fenomeno” Tsakopoulos, the Korean Kim “Surrender” Jung-soo and and the Argentine Francisco “PNC” Leimontas managed to qualify for the global final in the BlizzCon.

Season 2 of the Hearthstone Grandmasters in which the last three classifieds to the grand finals to be held at the BlizzCon will be held at the beginning of November, starts this week from August 23. The organizing committee (Hearthstone Esports) has mixed the divisions and changed the format of season 1 to try to make the league more excited.

With respect to the changes mentioned above, the most interesting is the farewell of the "Specialist" format (used in season 1), in order to receive the "Conquest" format again with some modifications. Although at the beginning of the year it was decided that only all tournaments to be played would be played in a single format, the players have not been completely satisfied, so it was raised and approved the return of the “Conquest” mode. Professional players stated that: "in bad clashes, a player's ability is eliminated from the game."

Now, what are these changes in the “Conquest” format?

ü  The Conquest format will be accompanied by a protection phase.

ü  Players will see their faces in a Bo3 where they will have the help of four mallets, each of a different class.

The matches will begin with the protection phase, where the challengers will choose a deck that cannot be discarded. Then, the next step will be to discard a deck of the opponent and then choose one of his and start with the first game. Once the first match is over, the winning deck is discarded and the players choose the next deck with which they want to play the next challenge.

From the semifinals, the matches in a Bo5 will be played instead of just the finals. In addition to this, the four best players in each division will qualify for the playoffs, something unprecedented because in the past editions there were only three players classified to this instance.

The highest point of the Hearthstone Grandmasters will take place at BlizzCon at the end of the year in which a portion of the $ 500,000 to be distributed will be disputed.


To see the development and everything concerning season 2 of the Hearthstone Grandmasters we invite you to tune into the official PlayHearthstone channel on Twitch starting this Friday.


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