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Herald Sun Tour 2020 odds

Who wins Herald Sun Tour 2020?

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Herald Sun Tour 2020

The Herald Sun Tour is a professional stage cycling race that is held annually in the state of Victoria, in the immediate vicinity of Melbourne, in Australia. It has traditionally competed in the month of October but since 2014 it is ridden in February. Depending on the edition, the name of Jayco, sponsor in various editions, has been included at the beginning of the official name.

It is a race that since its creation in 1952 and until 1985 was won only by Australian cyclists. In 1985 he achieved more international fame, and from that year it increased its popularity until the last editions were won by Esteban Chaves and Chris Froome, two top cyclists.

It is the oldest race in Australia. It has competed continuously since 1952. Only in the 2010 and 2012 editions did not compete. In 2005, it was included in the UCI calendar as category 2.1 in the UCI Oceania Tour.

At the moment it has 5 stages since in 2011 the time trial stage was removed from the competition, but before it had up to 15 stages.

Preview of the course

The 2020 edition will be composed of 5 stages, and two of them will have the finish line on the top of Falls Creek and Mount Buller. Therefore, it is most probable that some climber cyclist gets the final classification of the race. These two finish lines reach an altitude above 1500m, which will rule out the sprinters of the winners in both stages (2nd and 4th stage).

Stages in Herald Sun Tour 2020

- The first stage is completely flat, therefore a massive final sprint is the most likely scenario for the stage.

- The second stage will be where the creek climbing will take place. This mountain of 1533m altitude, with 19km at 5% will make the first selection for the final classification and will show us the first fight between the best climbers of the race.

- The third stage is made for brave cyclists. Ideal for an initial attack and solo adventure. A steep 16km from the end, from 1.5km to 7.5% will make the peloton nervous. without a doubt a very unpredictable stage.

- The fourth stage will end at Mount Buller, at 1584m. The final climb of 15km at 6.1% will decide the final classification of the race. Many kilometers of climbing for cyclists in better shape at this start of the season.

- The fifth stage will be held in Melbourne, in a flat circuit of 4km and a total of 22 laps. An ideal scenario for sprinters.


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