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Horse Racing Odds Comparison

Horse Racing Odds Compared - Where to find the best Odds

The best course of action is to identify the best odds, compare and pick the best ones available for your selection. You can either check the horse racing odds comparison table at or scrutinize multiple bookmakers at once.

Bettors can choose from a variety of places to bet. While some choose to bet with the on-course bookmaker, others go to the betting shop. With the pandemic, bettors are open to bet online as well. Regardless of the way you prefer, this guide will help you know all about horse racing endeavors.

Where should you place the bet?

Here are some options to place horse race bets:

On-course bookmaker

One popular way is to bet with the on-course bookmaker if you are present at the racecourse. The bookmakers pitch by offering odds on each game’s outcome. The easiest way to bet with the bookmaker is to approach him and give betting details (horse number, betting money).

The bookmaker then lends you a slip and moves to another bettor. In this case, you have to look around and observe other bettors understand the horse racing odds comparison.

However, on-course bookmakers make minimal bets and most of them are wins only. Therefore, you must always examine any stipulations before approaching for the reward.

Online betting

Online betting is popular among modern bettors and there’s a good reason why. You can make quick bets and that too, from the comfort of your home.

First of all, you have to understand horse racing odds comparison and identify the best odds available. Besides, you have to pick your stake and selection as well. The next step is to find an authentic bookmaker on the internet offering the best odds.

It is necessary to open the account and deposit the money in the bookmaker’s account before placing an online bet. You have to select the sports (horse racing in this case), the event and make your selection to get the virtual betting slip. The selection options will often appear at the extreme right of the screen or the top.

The betting slip will help you to enter your stakes. By entering the stake, you would be able to know about all potential winnings. The last step is to make the bet on a game’s outcome by clicking on ‘bet’.

Betting shop

Suppose you are not at the racecourse but would love to place a bet. What would you do? perhaps, visiting a betting shop is a viable solution as it helps you to place bets on multiple sports at once.

Once you have picked your stake and selection, you can take the betting slip and note the bet. As you are betting for a horse race, do not forget to mention the number of the horse, the course name, the time of the race, and the money you wish to keep at stake.

You do not have to write anything on the slip if you accept the starting price. On the contrary, you have to note down the horse’s current odds if you choose the early price.

Once you write everything down, hand over the slip to the bet maker along with money. After that, they will provide you with a bet slip.

How do you collect your winning in horse race betting?

Let’s say you managed to pick one of the winning selections. How will you collect your winning? The work here is quite simple. If you had made your bet with the on-course bookmaker, hand over your betting slip and he will pay your winnings and stake money

The process at the betting shop is quite similar to this as well. However, your stake plus winnings will automatically be transferred to your account in case of online horse race betting.

How to place a bet?

Betting has been in British culture since 1539. However, the way we bet, where we bet, and how we bet has changed dramatically. But the rules of horse racing bets and underlying principles are still the same.

There are various ways to place horse racing bets, however, it can be daunting for a newbie. Here are some ways to place the bet:


After identifying the best price, the next step is to determine whether you are going to bet each-way or on the selection. An each-way bet is a safe option here because the first part of the bet is ‘win’ and the other part is ‘place’. However, one has to decide the place terms (depends on race type).

If your selection wins, you get winnings from both parts. But if you lose, you only get the fraction which too, depends on the place side.


A stake is the amount of money you place on the selection. Note that if you go with the each-way bet, your stakes are likely to be doubled.


While a lot has changed in the betting industry, horse racing follows the same betting principles. All you have to do is play smart and choose the best odds available.