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How to Qualify for Major Poker Events Using Satellite Tournaments?

Satellite Tournaments: An Overview of Satellite Tournaments and How They Can Help You Qualify for Major Poker Events at a Fraction of the Cost

Poker is a match of opportunity and diversity. It is a game where every player can find something for themselves, regardless of how many different poker games or contests are accessible throughout the world. Yet, there is one well-kept poker secret—satellite tournaments; you heard that correctly.

You might think, don’t satellite tournaments only serve as small-field qualifying events with low buy-ins? Most GGPOKER and 7XL players may only dream about competing in these enormous, expensive competitions, but satellite tournaments provide you with a free ticket!

In this article, you can learn how satellite tournaments function, what’s their winning scheme, and the top three reasons to join a satellite tournament. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

How Do Satellite Tournaments Function?

Players of GGPOKER and 7XL can access these tournaments by choosing “Satellite” from the tournament search in the PC room or by accessing the “Tourney” tab (smartphone) on their devices.

Use these steps to find out what larger buy-in tournament you’re competing in:

  • Go to the satellites tournament room and start playing
  • Choose the “Satellite to [tournament name]” link underneath the “Home” page
  • It will take you to the target event’s tournament page

You won’t get money on your card if you win a satellite. You will receive a seat to a larger buy-in tournament instead.

Winning Scheme in Satellite Tournaments

Your poker agent will inform you that no player can register twice for the same tournament. To be fully informed, you must first select a trustworthy poker agent. For instance, has known as a trustworthy agent for 7XL and GGPOKER in Israel.

You won’t get paid or an extra entry if you repeatedly win in the same competition. Instead, you will get T-Money to your account and credit it with the buy-in for the chosen tournament.

If you have T-Money in your account, it will be utilized immediately and even before regular money to cover tournament buy-ins. Click here for more information about how do you know if you found a reliable 7XL agent.         

3 Reasons to Play Satellite Tournaments

Poker enthusiasts who wish to spend less money but win large should participate in satellite tournaments. You get the chance to do that in this competition. Your poker satellite approach will also benefit from this small investment, or your buy-in for the satellite, for great benefits, or the prize money at your ideal tournament. Here are a few reasons for trying your luck at a satellite.

GGPOKER Players Experience Reduced Stress During Satellite Tournaments

You always have the consolation that this opportunity only cost you the few dollars you spent on your buy-in in the satellite tournament. This poker satellite technique is helpful when deciding what risks you are willing to take in your goal tournament.

Opportunity to Go on a Vacation with no Expenses Incurred

The GGPOKER players typically receive tickets to live satellite events that cover travel costs as well as special activities with meals and experiences that pamper the qualifiers of the event. But even if you don’t win the grand prize, you still have a great time, and nothing prevents you from trying again.

Satellite Tournaments Can Help Improve Your 7XL Poker Skills

Your poker abilities can be considerably enhanced by satellites. Rarely do the top poker players in the world compete in a tournament where brand-new poker players are testing their mettle. There is undoubtedly a long-term trend here, where inferior performers may account for a sizable amount of the group but where the best players certainly have their position. Satellites can provide a comprehensive picture of your situation and aid in skill development at a reasonable cost.


Satellite competitions have established themselves as some of the most profitable ones in which amateur and professional players may participate. Hence, satellite tournaments can assist you in qualifying for prestigious poker events for a small amount of money, whether you are a beginner or an established player.