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Italian second division odds

Italian second division odds

Who wins Italian second division 2019/2020?

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When it comes to Italian football, it never fail to surprise us in a ways we can’t even imagine. In the last few round of last season the fight for promotion was very close, only few points separate 4-5 teams, and then one of the main favourites for promotion Palermo was suddenly dilapidated for financial reasons. It was quite a shock for Italian and European football world. But the season continue and Brescia and Lecce won promotion to Serie A. Benevento, Pescara, Verona, Spezia, Citadella and Perugia were playing in the play off, and Verona was the winner and got promotion to Seria A. In the lower part of the table, Carpi finished last, and together with Padova and Foggia were relegated to Seria C.  Salernitana and Venezia were playing in the play out, and Salernitana won and will play in Seria B in the 2019/20 season, while Venezia was relegated. Virtus Entella, Pordenone, Juve Stabia, Pisa and Trapani are newly promoted teams from Seria C. Among them only Pordenone is for the first time in Seria B. Empoli, Chievo and Frosinone are the teams that were relegated from Seria A last season. The 2019–20 Serie B will be the 88th season of this league. The 20-team format will return after one season using a 19-team format. The league will begin in August 2019. Simullar to the most second ranked leagued through Europe in the league isn’t many famous players or stars, but there are many famous clubs with great history, who wants to be back in the top class football in Italy, Seria A.

Favourites to get promotion next season are Benevento, Pescara, Spezia, Frosinone, Chievo, Empoli. The relegation battle will be between newly promoted teams from Seria C Virtus Entella, Pordenone, Juve Stabia, Pisa, Trapani and Salernitana, Livorno, Ascoli, Crotone etc.

We hope that next season will be attractive and interesting as the last one, and we hope that the case with Palermo will be the only one and won’t repeat again.

Italian football has a special charm unlike other European football leagues, and it is always a pleasure to watch the games through all season.


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