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Latvijas Basketbola līga Odds

Who wins the Latvijas Basketbola līga 2018/2019?

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Latvian basketball is just about the hottest thing on the market right now. A small country, but with so much good basketball players, well-known all over the world. People in Latvia, literally, live for basketball.
The expectations are very similar to the last season, but the winner is going to be hard to predict.

Like the last year, the league will consist of 9 teams.
The two first qualified teams will join directly the semifinals while teams between third and sixth will qualify to the quarterfinals. The LBL’s top 2 teams to watch are VEF Rīga, BK Ventspils.
We can easily expect them in this years final. The playoffs are playing with a best-of-five games format, except for the finals, that is playing in seven games.

Besides VEF Rīga and BK Ventspils, is really hard to see any other team in finals. But, like always, surprises are possible. For example, BC Valmiera in 2015 surprisingly won LBL league by defeating VEF Rīga. But last year they were last in the regular season.
It means that every year some new team comes up, but rarely succeed’s to defeat the best 2 Latvian teams. Like in every smaller league, it all comes to teams budget, sponsorship deals etc.
If team manage to secure financial structure, they will have a great team roster and easily can challenge stronger teams in their league.

VEF Rīga number one contender for winning this year championship is also playing in VTB league. Last year they were in 8th position the and qualified for playoffs second-year in a row, where they lost against Russian giant CSKA Moscow. Like many other Latvian teams, VEF Rīga constructs their team with a mostly domestic player with a couple of foreigners.
Rolands Freimanis, Mareks Mejeris with two Americans Ken Brown, Corey Hawkins are the main force of VEF Rīga. Their good games last season will not pass unseen, so we can expect offers from some well know European basketball clubs.

BK Ventspils, the number two contender for next year championship trophy. Ventspils has been a team for many players to establish themselves on the European stage, such as Mire Chatman, Marijonas Petravičius, Jānis Blūms, Brent Wright, and others, who later had successful careers at the EuroLeague level.
They are also playing in Baltic league and FIBA Champions league. Like in VEF Riga, the heart of the team are Latvian well-known players like Aigars Skele, Rolands Freimanis with help of Puerto Rican Manny Ubilla they are in a really good position to oppose reigning champions.
In last year regular season BK Ventspils was on 1st place, securing home court advantage in playoffs. Like in VEF Riga, we will need to wait and see what kind of budget the teams will have at the start of the next season. Will they manage to keep the best players from other rich European clubs?

I cant separate this to teams, the battle for Championship is going to be so close. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the final series is played in 7 games.
The teams know each other so well, so there will be no time and space for any surprise from another team. It will all come to the individual performance and players inspiration.

No doubt, it's going to be a very interesting season in Latvia and fans are gonna enjoy. Some of them are going to be happy, some of them are not, but that’s the whole point of basketball.