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LCK Spring 2020 odds

Who wins LCK Spring 2020?

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LCK Spring 2020

Organized by Riot Games and KeSPA, League Champions Korea’s first split of the 2020 Season or the LCK 2020 Spring Season is all set to commence in the next couple of months from the LoL Park situated in Seoul, South Korea. Ten teams will battle it out to secure the top five spots in the Spring Playoffs. In order to keep things organized and easy to follow, a double round robin format would be in effect in the group stage.


Shedding some more light on the format, every match will be a best of three and the five top teams will earn their ticket to the Spring Playoffs, but that’s not it! The regular Season winner will also obtain a playoff bye into the final, followed by the first runner-up receiving a playoff bye into Round 3 and the second runner-up receiving a playoff bye into Round 2.

The two teams resting at the bottom of the table by end of the group stage will still get a chance to rebound in the LCK Summer Promotion.

Qualifiers from the LCK Spring Promotion 2020:

APK Prince and Hanwha Life Esports had to fight their way through the LCK Spring Promotion 2020 to earn their place in the upcoming LCK 2020 Spring Season. While the former simply dominated the tournament to advance, the latter had to endure a loss first and was thus sent to the loser’s bracket, from which it came out successfully.

Where to Watch?

Viewers will be able to stream LCK Spring 2020 on various platforms including YouTube (Channels: LCK, LoL Esports and others) and Twitch (Channels: LCK Korea, LCK and others). So, it will be very easy for the worldwide audience to stay updated with the upcoming Season.