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Ligue II France Odds

Ligue II

Who wins Ligue II 2019/2020?

There are no odds currently available


The new season in France Ligue 2 will begin on 26 July 2019 and it will be 81 season in this league. It is second by rank football league in France, and it may not be as popular as English Championship, but it is really equable and tight league with many club with great history and tradition in it. There are not many famous players, but there are many big clubs. This, is the shortest possible explanation  of the French Ligue 2 for the season 2019/20.

In the season 2018/19 Metz won the title and Brest finished on 2nd place, and both clubs were promoted to the France Ligue 1. Troyes, Paris FC and Lens finished on 3rd, 4th and 5th place and participated in the play off together with the Dijon who was 18th in the Ligue 1 last season. In the final of the play off Dijon won against Lens and remain in the Ligue 1. Caen and Guingamp were relegated from the Ligue 1 and will try to get back to Ligue 1 right away. GFC Ajaccio, Beziers and Red Star were relegated to National Ligue, while Rodez, Chambly and Le Mans were promoted to the Ligue 2 from National Ligue. This season same as the last one the first 2 clubs will get promotion to Ligue 1 while the 3rd, 4th and 5th will play in play off with 18th club from Ligue 1. The last 2 clubs on the table at the end of the season will be relegated to National Ligue, while the 18th places club will play in the playoff with the clubs from National Ligue.

It is very hard to predict who will win the Ligue, who will get the promotion but the bookmakers has offered odds. According to bookmakers Caen, Lens, Guingamp, Lorient, Le Havre and Troyes are main candidates to win the trophy and fight to get promotion. Chambly, Rodez, Le Mans, Sochaux, Niort and Chateauroux will fight the relegation battle.

The Ligue, 2 2019-2020 season will start on Friday, 26 of July and in the first round we have some very interesting matches as Sochaux vs Caen, Le Mans vs Lens, Guingamp vs Grenoble, Lorient vs Paris FC, AC Ajaccio vs Le Havre, Niort vs Troyes, etc.

The Ligue 2 matches by tradition are played on Fridays evening, but one or two matches are also played in the Saturday and Sunday’s afternoons.

This league is famous by its low goalscoring rating, but also is very famous by great tactical and strategic games showed by the clubs, fight to the very end,  uncertainty and fun.


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