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LLA Apertura 2020 odds

Who wins LLA Apertura 2020?

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LLA fans, this one is for you! It was announced a while back that LLA Apertura 2020 or the 2020 Latin America League Opening season will be organized by Riot Games. For those of you unaware, LLA Apertura 2020 will kick-off Latin America’s Unified Pro League of Legends league’s 3rd season. This exciting tournament is all set to take place in Mexico.

Old Format Discarded by Riot Games:

The format that was being followed until now (three rounds in which all the teams were supposed to square off against each other) was quite complicated as it used to lead to a clash of dates with other Riot Games’ tournaments. In order to avoid the clashes, “Super Weeks” were introduced where the transmission time would go up to 9 hours, causing inconvenience to both the involved teams as well as the audience/viewers.

Additionally, there were complaints concerning the use of media as well as the players and teams. So, before heading into its 3rd season, it was essential for the league to undergo some serious changes. Thankfully, the organizers took notice of the issues and changed the format of the league months prior to its 3rd season’s launch.

The New Format:

LLA Apertura 2020 will last for 9 weeks during which 8 teams will battle each other in best of one matches. A Triple Round Robin format will be observed. The top 6 teams will secure their spots in the Playoffs but the teams resting at 1st and 2nd spots will also receive byes into the semi-finals.

Rankings will be finalized once the group stage wraps up. Teams with high win % and better Head to Head record will rank higher. In case two teams have same win percentage and Head to Head record, the concerned teams will be displayed on the rankings table in Alphabetic order.  

How to Watch LLA Apertura 2020?

The season is all set to feature numerous breathtaking bouts; so make sure that you don’t miss even a single second of the action. The tournament will be broadcasted live on LoL Esports Latinoamerica (YouTube), lolesportsla (Twitch) and a few other channels. Keep an eye out for latest announcements concerned with LLA Apertura 2020 as we approach its launch date!