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LNH odds – Best Odds at Ligue Nationale de Handball

LNH odds

LNH (Ligue Nationale de Handball) Division 1 2020/2021 - Winner without Paris HB

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LNH Division 1 2020/2021

  • Ø 2019–20 LNH Division 1

       The National Handball League (LNH) confirmed the cancellation of the end of the season for its Championships. PSG is crowned French Lidl Starligue 2019-2020 champion. 

       “We are closing!” The 2020 season is over in Lidl Starligue and Proligue (D2). Due to the epidemic linked to Covid-19, the Steering Committee of the National Handball League (LNH) decided to cancel the last eight days of Lidl Starligue as well as the end of the Proligue Championship (D2). A decision that follows Emmanuel Macron's speech announcing the renewal of confinement until May 11 and the postponement of any large gathering until mid-July. The hypothesis of playing the rest of the matches behind closed doors was not considered. “It was inconceivable to end the season without the support of our supporters and partners. Our sport must be a moment of celebration and sharing of emotions,” explained the president of Nimes.

  • Ø 6th title in a row for Paris, 16 clubs next season 

        For PSG, it is a seventh national title, the sixth in a row, acquired under special conditions, even if its sporting legitimacy is not in doubt. After 18 games, being undefeated (17 wins, 1 draw) and largely in the lead with 6 points ahead of Nantes and 9 over Nimes. The group of Nikola Karabatic, who becomes the most successful player in the history of the French Championship with 12 trophies, of his brother Luka, of Scandinavians Mikkel Hansen and Sander Sagosen, of goalkeepers Rodrigo Corrales and Vincent Gérard seemed untouchable. “It is very particular as felt. There is satisfaction for the efforts made between September and March. Six titles in a row, it had never been done. But we put it into perspective because the championship did not go to the end and especially because we are living in a very difficult situation which impacts millions of people and where sport is not the priority. We have to keep a low profile,” said general manager Bruno Martini.

  • Ø The National Handball League unveiled the schedule for the next season of a Championship which will resume on September 24.

       The champion of France last April after the end of the season canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, PSG will put its title back on the line from the end of next September . The National Handball League (NHL) posted the Lidl Starligue schedule on Twitter. The first day is scheduled for the week of September 24, including a match between Paris and Aix-en-Provence. The 30th and final day will take place the week of June 6. The 2020/2021 calendars of Lidl Starligue and Proligue are known:    (You can view the schedule online at)

The 2019-2020 handball season is well and truly over, but the discussions within the National Handball League (LNH) have never stopped. The professional bodies continued to work on a plan and to develop a new calendar as shown above.

A start hoped for in August, following the transition to 16 clubs next season, the Starligue will not resume until September 24, according to the scheme adopted by the general assembly of the National Handball League. The Proligue should resume a little later, on October 2. This late start to the season sees the Champions Trophy, a competition usually held on the last weekend of August, or the first of September, to be canceled.