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LMS Spring Split 2017 odds

Who wins LMS Spring Split 2017?

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The League of Legends Masters Series or "LMS" is part of the changes in GPL 2015 Season. Teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions will be playing in "LMS" for two seasons to qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational and the World Championship.

The LMS brings together eight teams of Southeast Asia (with mostly Taiwanese players). The competition will begin on 21 January , and will be in parts. The first is the regular season where all the teams will meet twice in Bo3 . Next came the playoff , where the top four teams will qualify. The final two, they will be forced to play relegation to remain in Split Summer LMS.

The only notable change this year in LMS is the arrival of a new format: the Bo3 . Indeed, the teams previously clashed in Bo2, but this time is now gone with the year 2017. Eight qualified teams had finalized their rosters, including Flash Wolves and ahq; J Team, HKE, Wayi Spider; M17 and Fireball; XG.

Flash Wolves starting ADC player NL announced his retirement, and former jungler of Flash Wolves’s second team, Betty, joined the team to take over the position of NL. However, Betty is not only worse than NL in Carry ability, but also has more tendencies to troll. Betty played for Flash Wolves 7 times during IEM Oakland, but his performance was not good as NL’s. He needs time to grow up. Ahq’s rating fell slightly after Baybay and RD left. Luckily, all the starting players stay with the team. As a traditional strong team in LMS, Ahq’s strength is still above the other teams. In 2016 regular season, Westdoor and Chawy started for ahq in turns.

J team is a talented team with the blood of championship. 2016 LMS Summer split made J Team’s debute and they claimed the title which shocked everyone. However, with beta’s changed, their condition slipped a lot. If they can adapt new beta’s well as soon as possible, they also had strength to get foot in T1. It is worth mentioning that their new mid laner FoFo took a high KDA and Carry rate, but he also has weakness just as most newbies does. His condition is not stable, as well as a high rate of Troll/Feed. However, we can expect his performance in future.

M17 is a team in the middle and lower reaches of LMS. If they can continue and improve their 2016 LMS regular split’s condition, they can adapt rhythm of matches as soon as possible on account of little roster changes in offseason.

Fireball took the right of management of MSE and made some players deal with HKE in offseason. If the new team will cooperate well in new season, they will go further in 2017.

The last season’s result of eXtreme Gamers was not satisfied to fans’ expectations. Luckily they secured the seed of LMS Spring in qualified games eventually. Their new season’s target is staying in LMS after their commander Yo retired.