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LMS Spring Split 2019 odds

Who wins LMS Spring Split 2019?

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LMS Spring Split 2019

The first split of the 2019 season is set to begin January 14 in Taipei, with the top 8 Taiwanese teams duking it out against each other. Historically the region has been dominated by one team, Flash Wolves, with all the others far behind.

Having won every split so far in the League of Legends Master Series, Flash Wolves look to continue their reign into the 2019 season. Though this year may not prove as easy as the years past, as MAD proves to be a worthy opponent to challenge for the crown in the LMS.

Will Flash Wolves Win Another Easy Title?

The Taiwanese powerhouse has been able to hold on to the top spot in their region for the entirety of its existence in the world of LoL. It’s truly an impressive feat, considering the parity of each of the other regions that compete in League of Legends.

Dating back to the inaugural summer 2016 Split, they have won every split, and have done so in convincing fashion. Flash Wolves dropped only a handful of series along the way and were considered a shoo-in as the team that would be representing the LMS on the world stage comes time for international events.

They managed to have a decent showing at Worlds, picking up wins over G2 and Afreeca in group play, and placing 9-12th.

Despite their dominating past, it will be a new look roster in the 2019 LMS Spring Split. SwordArt, Moojin, and Maple have moved on, and Flash Wolves has picked up another Taiwanese support and two Koreans to fill the void left by the three stars that departed.

Rather, ShiauC, and Bugi look to help the Taiwanese powerhouse pick up where they left off, and help win yet another split for the team.

Can the Number One Spot be claimed by MAD?

MAD, a relatively new team in the LMS, look to be the ones to knock Flash Wolves off their throne. Fielding a roster of seven players, in order to take home the title, they will look to bring new looks to each game and sub in and out players when they feel fit. This is a common and useful tactic in some of the Korean rosters.

After exiting the group stage without a win in a very disappointing World Championship, MAD looks to shake it off and come out hot for the 2019 LMS Spring Split. Will they have the ability to take home the title and knock the new look Flash Wolves off their throne? My guess is no. Despite making a few roster changes in the offseason, I expect Flash Wolves to come out on top yet again.