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Napoli next manager odds

Napoli next permanent manager odds

Napoli next manager after Gennaro Gattuso

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Who is Napoli's manager?

Gennaro Gattuso has been appointed the new Napoli manager. He is an unusually left-field appointment after the player has played for a number of teams in the Italians top division. Gattuso is a certified hero in the Italian Serie A having won many titles in his illustrious time with the Italian divisions.

Gattuso began his youth career playing for Napoli but played for the five years without scoring a goal for Perugia. After this he signed for Perugian senior team in 1995. He okayed from 1995 until 1997 for Perugia, making ten appearances -he played in ten games before scoring s goal. After that he played for Scottish mega club for Rangers in 1997. In total played 34 appearances, perhaps scoring 34 goals and scoring 34 goals in his time without the other affiliations.

Afterwards, Gattuso established a reputation for himself as having himself fa reputation as something of a hard-man. He lived as a hardman for so long before but was unable to maintain this reputation for himself. His strength and force of will was recognised from an early age. Joey played for them several teams where this was recognised, agreed Rangers and Salemitania., scoring 34 and failing to register a goal in that time.

Following this time with the Serie B club, Gattuso's reputation managed to rise meteorically. His one true big break came for Milan in 1999. At the turn of the century, he transferred to the black and red half of fhe city for next to nothing. Had the officials thought he would stay in that job for a number of years. As it went, Milan was his home for over a decade until 2012. In total, he scored with ninne red an league goal and played in 335 games.

After leaving Milan, Gattusso joined Chinese Super Lague side Sion. For him, he would play 27 goals in total, scoring a single goal before hanging uo his boots. Instead, Gattuso focussed solely on management. After deciding to focus solely on the management side of things Gattuso would become Palermo coach where he would stay before becoming OFI's coach. After that, he was boss of Pisa and Milan Primaverna, a job which stood him in good stead to manage the first team which he did between 2017 and 2019.