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NBA odds – Get the Best Odds at NBA

Who wins the NBA 2020/2021?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Los Angeles Lakers3.603.60
Brooklyn Nets4.004.00
Los Angeles Clippers6.006.00
Utah Jazz8.008.00
Milwaukee Bucks9.009.00
Philadelphia 76Ers15.0015.00
Denver Nuggets26.0026.00
Boston Celtics34.0034.00
Miami Heat34.0034.00
Phoenix Suns34.0034.00
Toronto Raptors34.0034.00
Indiana Pacers41.0041.00
Dallas Mavericks51.0051.00
Golden State Warriors61.0061.00
Portland Trailblazers61.0061.00
New Orleans Pelicans67.0067.00
San Antonio Spurs67.0067.00
Atlanta Hawks81.0081.00
New York Knicks101.00101.00
Memphis Grizzlies151.00151.00
Washington Wizards151.00151.00
Houston Rockets201.00201.00
Oklahoma City Thunder201.00201.00
Sacramento Kings201.00201.00
Charlotte Hornets251.00251.00
Chicago Bulls251.00251.00
Orlando Magic251.00251.00
Cleveland Cavaliers301.00301.00
Detroit Pistons501.00501.00
Minnesota Timberwolves501.00501.00

Who will win NBA season 2020-21?

The 2020–21 NBA season of the National Basketball Association will be the 75th season that has been scheduled to commence from December 2020. The season was initially set to begin from October 21 but it was pushed ahead in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that has halted almost all sporting events across the globe for months. Nonetheless, the playoffs are likely to begin in April 2021 and the NBA finals will kick-off in June 2021.

Coaching changes

Steve Nash will replace Jacque Vaughn as the coach of Brooklyn Nets while Billy Donovan will take charge of Chicago Bulls from Jim Boylen. On the other hand, Tom Thibodeau will become New York Knicks' coach and Mike Miller, the side's interim coach, will step down. For Philadelphia 76ers, Brett Brown will be replaced by Doc Rivers.

Teams and their chances

The four sides that are most likely to get their hands on the title in the 2020-21 NBA season are:

Brooklyn Nets

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Brooklyn Nets have been quite impressive this year which ultimately makes them one of the favorites in the next season. They successfully made it to the playoffs despite two of their star players - Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving – being sidelined after suffering gruesome injuries. Durant suffered a career-ending blow, but if he returns with his A game alongside Irving in the next season then Nets would surely be in a good position to win it all.

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers are an absolute favorites probably in every competition their feature for as long as they have one basketball heavyweight on their side - Lebron James. The reason James' presence means so much to any team he represents is because of the pinnacle reputation that he has earned after carrying his teams to nine NBA finals over the years. Anthony Davis is there as well to anchor the team, but Lakers will need a bit of depth in their squad to ensure they triumph ahead.

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics is one of those rare teams that don't depend on juggernauts, but on young talent that comes straight out of the draft. This provides them with the opportunity to spend big and land some superstars to have a major chance at the upcoming NBA season. They had brought Kemba Walker in to have some depth after the Kyrie Irving's departure while Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum appear in good shape and rearing to be unleashed.

Milwaukee Bucks

Just like Lakers benefit from Lebron James, Milwaukee Bucks will favor from current league MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo's presence in their team who will enjoy the support of Khris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe. Bucks will enter the 2020-21 NBA season as favorites despite stumbling out of the ongoing season's first game of the playoffs. The side still stands head and shoulder above others for their strong defense, but questions still linger over their capacity to outplay their opponents in the playoffs.

The NBA is the third wealthiest professional sport league after the NFL and the MLB by revenue.