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Next Everton manager odds

Next Everton manager odds

Everton next manager after Frank Lampard

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Frank Lampard is perhaps the most prolific goal-scoring midfielder to ever adorn a football field. He is Chelsea Football Club's top scorer with 211 goals and most recently the manager of the Everton.

Frank was born on June 20, 1978, and for someone is often said to come from a football family, but in Frank's case it is really obvious that genetics has done its thing. His father, Frank Lampard Senior, had a rich professional career that he spent playing for West Ham United. Uncle and brother are also famous football names, Harry and Jamie Redknapp. Frank Sr. and Harry Redknapp played for West Ham, so it is not surprising that Frank Jr. followed in their footsteps and started his career in the Hammer jersey.

After 21 years of professional playing career, at the age of 38, Lampard announced that he will no longer look for a new club.

He played 649 games for Chelsea, and after a number of successful years at this club, he also tried his hand at the Manchester City and New York City jerseys.

"Although I received many exciting offers to continue my career, at the age of 38, I decided that now is the right time to start a new chapter in my life," Lampard wrote in a statement.

With Chelsea he has won the Premier League three times, the FA Cup four times, the Champions League and the Europa League once, as well as one League Cup.

Lampard came to Chelsea in 2001 from West Ham, where he grew up and, along with John Terry, is a player who marked the years of the rise of the "blues".

Lampard started his managerial career in 2018 in Derby County, the season in which the Aries played the final of the Championship playoffs. The following season, he was promoted to Chelsea manager, and already in his debut season on the bench of the former club, he reached the FA Cup final, the fourth position in the Premier League, with the development of several talented footballers.

Lampard has been out of work for a year, since Chelsea replaced him with Thomas Tuhel on January 25 last year. He also got in touch with the Newcastle bench, which was eventually entrusted to Eddie Howe. When a place on the Everton bench opened up, there was a chance for him to return. The management of the club from the city of the Beatles negotiated with numerous experts, Rooney was considered the favorite for a long time, but the former Everton and Manchester United player refused to leave the Derby with which he is fighting for survival in the Championship.

Lampard assembled a new professional staff, made a purge, but did not disperse everything. There was a place for the coach of the goalkeeper Alan Kelly and the man who has put out the fire on Goodison several times so far and was a temporary solution, even after Benitez's dismissal - Duncan Ferguson. Assistant Joe Edwards has already arrived, as well as Paul Clement, who was the coach of Derby, Reading and Swansea, and Chris Jones, with whom the legendary "eight" Chelsea collaborated in Derby, at the beginning of his coaching career. He brought from Chelsea Academy Ashley Cole. Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole spent eight years together at Stamford Bridge and have lifted the Premier League and Champions League trophies, four FA Cups and two League Cups.

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