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Next pope odds – Get the Best Odds at Next pope

Who will be the next pope after Pope Francis?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
No Odds Right Now1.001.00

When choosing a pope, it is important to put several things into consideration other than just the religious qualifications of an individual. Based on the data on this page, Cardinal Angelo Scola is at the top of the list of those with the least odds to make the pope. However, based on his low popularity among the people, Cardinal Angelo Scola should not be the next pope. Popularity is key to a man of that position, and on that list, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is the next in line after Angelo. Cardinal Tagle is very popular among people and has earned the trust of many followers. Cardinal Tagle is also at per with Cardinal Angelo on the odds score, and therefore qualified as much as Angelo only with a bonus of popularity.

The pope-hood is a position that requires universal equalization and though an African or Asian pope would be the best to signify this. There has never been an Asian pope and Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle would come as a popular pope loved by many but would also play a significant role in signifying the universal nature of the church. He also comes from Asia’s largest Catholic nation the Philippines; therefore, he is perfect to be the pope who would encourage even more Philippines and Asians in general. It is a new thing that has happened where an Asian is so close to being pope. Tagle's age is also relatively low compared to other past popes in recent centuries, and this is another important step to showing the universal and non-discriminative nature of the Catholic Church.