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Olympics odds – Get the Best Odds at Olympic Games

The Olympic games are ready to start on July 23, 2021. The wait was long due to the coronavirus, but things have changed and now the games have a green light in Tokyo.

In this edition things will be a little different, with no international fans, only team members and few people in the stands. But the good news is that the entire event will be televised around the world and betting opportunities will be the order of the day for all bettors.

The events and Odds

Tokyo 2020 will offer the public and bettors a total of 33 sports divided into 50 disciplines, among the new sports are: 3x3 Basketball, Freestyle BMX and Madison Cycling. All sports will be listed in Nicer Odds with the best prices on the market.

A total of 339 events are expected, or 339 betting opportunities. The most lucrative events are:

Basketball (men): For this competition the favorite is USA with 1.33, but the most dangerous rivals to take the title behind USA are Serbia 9.00, Spain 9.00, France 18.00, Argentina 31.00 and Venezuela with 51.00.

Basketball (women): This event is also dominated by the USA, and it is not worth wasting time looking at the price because it is not profitable at 1.08. But a lucrative opponent for this event is Australia at 11.00.

Cycling: This sport offers several options, but at Nicer Odds we recommend that bettors focus on disciplines such as BMX Racing and Men's Road Race, since this pair of cycling events are the most lucrative and very similar to other competitions such as the Giro d'Italia.

Football: Probably the most watched event in the Olympics after basketball and gymnastics is football. The team with the most interesting price is France with 5.00, the current world champions, but they are not the favorites. The team with the most support for the gold medal is Brazil with 3.50, but Argentina 5.00, and Germany 5.00 are valuable rivals for bettors.

Handball: France is the favorite to win the gold medal after they were eliminated from the world championship in January 2021. But Denmark, the reigning champions are hungry for more victories and Tokyo could satisfy some of that ambition of the Danes.

Rugby Sevens: Two nations are favored to become champions at the Olympics, they are New Zealand with 3.50 and Fiji with 3.75. But we cannot forget South Africa with 4.00 and USA with 8.00. Although the latter are not really a threat to the first three.

Tennis (men's singles): There are no favorites for the gold medal, but names like Alexander Zverev 2.00, Rafael Nadal 2.00, Novak Djokovic 2.30, Roger Federer 3.00 and Alex De Minaur 2.00 are the most sought after by bettors in the markets.

Volleyball: Two key favorites, the men have a solid team with Poland 3.40 and the women offer a good price with USA 4.00. This sport is something difficult to predict due to the mistakes that players often make, but the favorites are always the most winners and it is proven by statistics.

Where to put the money?

The Olympics are lucrative for bettors, we at Nicer Odds know that. But we also know that the "lesser known" events are usually the most dangerous, unless we have a good background information about the teams and the players.

Bets should focus on all the odds with the best prospects to win, in addition to that the bookies offer alternative markets in case the bettor is not sure if he wants to bet for a straight win market. Asian handicaps and overs / unders are alternatives to put the money.

Where to watch the Olympics on UK TV

If you want to watch the Olympic events, the TV channels that will have the broadcasting rights in the UK are the BBC and Eurosport. Remember that to watch the events on national channels you must have a TV license.

The odds on the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 is in the menu to the left.