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Cycling Olympics 2021 odds

We compare the odds at all events at Cycling at the Summer Olympics;

Men's road race

Men's time trial

Men's sprint

Men's team sprint

Men's keirin

Men's team pursuit

Men's madison

Men's omnium

Men's mountain biking

Men's BMX racing

Men's BMX freestyle

Women's road race

Women's time trial

Women's sprint

Women's team sprint

Women's keirin

Women's team pursuit

Women's madison

Women's omnium

Women's mountain biking

Women's BMX racing

Women's BMX freestyle

The 2021 Summer Olympics officially the Games of the XXXII Olympiad and also recognized as Tokyo 2020 is announced to take place between 23 July and 8 August 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. In Tokyo, the 2021 Summer Olympics cycling competition will feature 22 events.

Since the first modern Olympics in 1896, cycling events had been contested alongside athletics, fencing, artistic gymnastics, and swimming in every Summer Olympics program. Olympic cycling race had constantly grown to incorporate women's races, mountain biking, and BMX to appear at the latest 22 events after the 1896 contests that included five track events and an 87 km road race from Athens to Marathon and back.

With 4 more events than those held in 2016, the cycling schedule for this edition was extended. For the first time, BMX freestyle was added to the schedule and there will also be a revival of the Madison competitions on the track that were omitted from the 2008 Olympic program.


As the host country, Japan holds 1 guaranteed quota spot per gender for BMX Cycling, BMX Freestyle, and mountain bike events and 2 quota slots per gender for road race competitions and no guaranteed spots for road time trials or other track events. Most qualifications are carried out by UCI ranking lists, with several places assigned through events of the world championship or continental qualification.


For a substitute venue in Ariake, track cycling was arranged. After months of discussions, it was revealed that the place for track cycling was the new velodrome in Izu to save $100 million in construction costs. The UCI worried about moving track cycling from 120 km outside Tokyo to Izu. For both athletes and spectators, the UCI thought it could distract from the Olympic experience. The international cycling union finally decided to amend the situation. The Japanese Cycling Federation and local authorities are carried out to set up a multi-sport cycling center in Izu to establish local cycling projects and develop the sport of cycling.

The start and finish were initially designed at the Imperial Palace Garden for road cycling. It was later confirmed that the starting line will be at the Fuji International Speedway with the launch of the Musashinonomori Park road races.

Participating Nations

A number of countries around the world participate in the Olympic Games every year. There are 206 states recognized by the IOC as eligible to take part in the 2020 Olympics. In addition, many states show interest in taking part in cycling events. The number of participants has increased in recent times, especially in cycling events. We will see nations taking part in the events from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia, and others.