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Men's team sprint Olympics odds

Who wins Men's team sprint at the Olympics 2021?

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Cycling at the 2021 Summer Olympics – Men’s team sprint

The men's cycling team sprint is a track cycling competition at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo announced to run on 03 August 2021 at the Izu Velodrome, Izu, Shizuoka, Japan.

In 1995, it was first incorporated into championship racing. Almost new in the field of Olympic cycling, since 2000 it has been a men's Olympic sport. The race is a time trial by a multi-person team. It is one of the iconic competitions of road cycling, but it's also one of the most recent additions to the Olympic Games.

Just 16 years ago, in the first event at the Sydney Olympics, the first team sprint, then known as the Olympic sprint, medals for men were given out. It is not a traditional cycling sprint race, despite its name - it is a three-man team time trial contested over three laps of a velodrome in the men's event.

Two teams compete against each other, like the team pursuit event, beginning on opposite sides of the track. The lead rider of each team approaches the bank at the end of the first loop, allowing the second rider to lead for the next lap; the second rider does the same at the end of the second lap, giving the third rider alone to finish the last lap. The winner is the team with the quickest time.

The qualifying round has each team racing against the clock by themselves. The goal of the qualifying round is to just bring out of all the teams the best time possible. Then, with the two eventual surviving teams running for Gold and Silver and the next two competing for the Bronze medal, the qualified teams will proceed into a knockout round against another team.

Three teams compete over three loops in the competition. For one lap of the race, each rider in the team has to lead. The team with the fastest time on the final lap will be announced the winner in the event of a tie (to the nearest one-thousandth of a second). In addition, to retain high speed to the finish, the third rider demands strong endurance qualities. For this position, kilometer track time trial professionals are typically selected.

Previously, Jason Kenny (Great Britain) won the gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics. He got the first position among Callum Skinner (Great Britain) and Denis Dmitriev (Russia).

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