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Women's tennis Olympics odds

Who wins Women's singles tennis at the Olympics 2021?

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Olympic Women's 2020 Singles Outright

At the Olympic Games, tennis has nine days reserved for the award of medals in five events (single female and male, double female, male and mixed). The mixed race was reintroduced into the Olympic program only at the previous two editions (London and Rio), missing between 1924 and 2008. The size of the draws varies, so that, to win a medal, a player has to play 6 games at singles, 5 in the women's or men's doubles and 4 matches in the mixed doubles respectively. The regulation stipulates that the pairs from the double mixed competition will be made up of athletes and sportsmen who evolve in the other four events.

Does Serena have her own rules?

True, there is a feeling that there are some special rules for Serena. Before the Olympics in Beijing, she played for the national team only once, having spent one match in 2007, but was allowed to participate and won a gold medal paired with Venus. Perhaps Serena was formally available for performances in other draws of the Billie Jean King Cup, but she was not called up to the team according to the captain's decision - a certain vagueness of criteria allows the implementation of this option if the player does not directly refuse to play for the national team.

Maria Sharapova last played Fed Cup in 2015. In any case, she needs to rise in the ranking, because at the moment she is ranked very low in the rankings for the Olympics, but is also not one of the four best tennis players in Russia - and the number from one country is limited to four singles players.  

Simona Halep has confirmed that she will participate in all three competitions at the 2020 Olympics

The best tennis player in Romania won the second Grand Slam title this year, and at the beginning of September announced that Darren Cahill will return to her team starting in 2020, a good opportunity to target what she lacks in her track record: a medal at the Tokyo Olympics. In fact, Simona said that between a Grand Slam title and a medal at the Olympics he would choose the medal without only: "If I could choose between a Slam and an Olympic medal for next year, I would choose the medal."

"From three tests, I hope to take one, no matter which way, I hope to take one. With Horia, in the mix, I have already talked. At this moment I talked with Irina Begu. I have been talking for a year, if we both qualify, we can play together. But until then, a lot can change" said the Romanian in Cluj-Napoca.

Two-time Grand Slam winner Naomi Osaka intends to play for host country Japan at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games by choosing Japanese nationality. Born in Osaka to a Japanese mother and a father from Haiti, the 21-year-old currently holds dual nationality with both Japan and the United States, having grown up in New York.