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Tennis odds – Get the Best Odds at Tennis

Like all other sports, there are different ways and odds of tennis betting – each one with unique winning probabilities and returns. If you’re concerned about how it works with tennis betting odds, this post might be the most interesting yet useful thing you’ll be reading this morning, afternoon, or night.

Tennis Betting Odds

Betting odds determine the probability of winning after you have successfully placed a bet based on certain predictions. Tennis betting odds are categorized in 3 different ways

  • Decimal: Often used in Northern Hemisphere and Europe
  • Money line: Popular in North America
  • Fractional: Often used in Ireland and the UK

Before getting started with the tennis betting odds, note that all sporting events come with human errors and tennis betting is not an exception. In simple words, tennis betting odds are never an exact science.  

Types of Tennis Betting Odds

Betting odds are decided or predicted by the bookmakers. For example, if a player is predicted to have winning odds of 1.65 to win the Grand Slam, this is the prediction of the bookmaker. When it comes to the profit, they are often calculated by the formula

Profit = (Stakes * Profit) - Stake

Tennis betting is categorized into several types each one offering a different set of winning probabilities and offerings. Some of them are as follows

Two-Way Betting

Each-way bets or two-each bets works best in conditions where you are not certain if your selected player will win the trophy. Thus, you can place a bet on your favorite player to be a winner of any given tennis match. 

Correct Score Betting

Correct score bets are often placed during the match. In correct score bets, you can either bet on the scoring sets of the first half or second half. Correct score betting has endless yet varying odds and winning probabilities if you are good at judging the match instances. 

Odd/Even Betting

This betting has nothing to do with the winning probabilities, fitness, or form of the tennis player. Odd/Even betting is all about numbers. For instance, the number of games played in a match. Thus, you can bet if the number of games played in the match will be even or odd. Odd/Even betting doesn’t offer high=grade odds but it is certainly a fun yet exciting in-game thrill.

Over/Under Betting

Like Odd/Even betting, the one who predicts the exact number of games played in a match wins the Over/Under betting. Though Over/Under betting have fewer odds as compared to Odd/Even, it offers greater returns.     

Different from Pre-Tournament Tennis Bets

Some of the pre-tournament tennis betting types include

  • Tournament Winner
  • Match Winner
  • Correct Score Set
  • Correct Score Game
  • Total Match Sets
  • Total Match Games
  • Handicaps and more.

Different In-Game Tennis Bets

Following are some in-game tennis betting types

  • Match Winner
  • Tournament Winner
  • Current Game Winner
  • Next Game Winner
  • Next Set Winner
  • Love Game Winner
  • Lose a game to serve and more.

Considering the above stats, there is no doubt that it requires a great potential to make a profit out of tennis betting games. But when you get a hold of it, you won’t know the magic behind your prediction. Overall, there is no rocket science behind tennis betting odds.