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Tennis odds comparison

Tennis Odds Comparison – Best Tennis Betting Odds Comparison and The Science Behind It

In Tennis odds comparison there are a lot of points to understand before betting on Tennis. Here on nicerodds we have explained how Tennis odds comparison works? Where you should bet? Best ways to bet on tennis and which are the best bookmakers that can provide you perfect tennis betting odds. So, let’s break it down.

Betting on tennis is always a great idea as it will give you some serious output. It doesn’t has the glamour like that of Football but it certainly has a huge market. Also, you don’t need much practice or effort to learn the art to bet on tennis in the best way possible. In tennis, you get the idea very early on what you are supposed to do and what should be your next move?

How Do Tennis Betting Odds Work?

There are different formats are available for betting on tennis. Mainly tennis betting odds are presented in three different ways one is Fractional which is very popular in the UK and Ireland. 2nd way is Decimal method which is excessively used across Europe and the southern hemisphere. Moneyline is the third way of betting on tennis.

The more knowledge you have of tennis the lesser chances are there to lose. You can only decrease the human error but cannot fully nullify it so try to learn the laws of probability because it will definitely help you get the best results.

How Much Will You Win?

Well, that’s a very common question and everyone wants to know how much they are going to earn and how much they should invest initially. Create a supposition you have placed a bet on a match, tournament or a player so how much will you get in return if your betting goes right.

Your Profit = (Stake * Odds) – Stake

For example you have placed a bet of £20 on a particular player listed at odds of 1.75 to win an upcoming match. Suppose your prediction proved right and the player won the match. So, how much profit will you make on your bet?

Your Profit = £20 * 1.00 - £20

Your Profit = £37.50 - £20

Your Profit = £7.50

Useful Tennis Betting Odds Points That You Need To Know

Well, there are some useful points that you need to know before betting on tennis.

  • Understand the best time to bet
  • Try to work with several bookmakers rather than sticking to one or two
  • Take a look at the surfaces
  • Keeping a strong eye on the Statistics
  • Compare between the players who will play the match.

Some of The Best Bookmakers and Tournaments

There are several bookmakers available and some of the best ones are William Hill, Bet-at-Home, Bet 365, Ladbrokes, Betway, 10Bet, Paddy Power, Betstars and Coral. Keep an eye on the biggest tournaments of the tennis like the Grand Slams such as Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open and Australian Open. Compare the bookmakers and bet on the biggest tournament in tennis.

So, I hope this explains how the tennis betting odds work and you must have understood the process of tennis odds comparison now.