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Online Poker Trends for 2021


The digitalization of poker has given people more options than ever before to enjoy the strategic game from the comfort of their own homes

21st century technology has transformed many areas of everyday life in dramatic ways. When it comes to entertainment and gaming, it’s no news that the poker industry has experienced a huge boom in online users in the past few years. The strategic game with historical roots that can be traced back to nearly 1,000 years ago is now being enjoyed by millions of people worldwide from living spaces and bedrooms rather than land-based locations. The modern day has filled the virtual space with new opportunities, forever beckoning onwards.

As a new year begins, people should keep their eyes on this industry and its playmakers who have it growing at a lightning speed. Since it’s clear that innovations in technology show no sign of slowing down, the online poker sphere is set to rapidly expand, increasing its market revenue year by year. Below we’ll take a look at just a few trends that are permeating the current environment for 2021. One thing's for certain: the future is bright. 

Platforms will continue to grow their teaching resources

It’s common for the best poker platforms to have training materials and teaching resources for their ever-expanding audiences and customers. As these sites grow in visitor volume, it's expected that this type of content will expand as beginners sign up for new opportunities for online play.

These pages which provide guides on exactly how to play poker and focus on aspects of gameplay like hand rankings and strategies are extremely helpful for users. Whether they are amateur or experienced players who may need a refresher, people are always looking to improve their skills in the world’s most popular strategic game. 2021 trends point to an increase in these pages with expert teachers from the industry providing the best insight and tips.

Growth in mobile applications and gameplay

The growth of online poker can be largely attributed to the equal growth in mobile play technology. Experiencing an interactive poker game with a live dealer straight from your cellular device gives users an accessibility to play like never before. The best platforms of today have PC, mobile, and even tablet versions for their games, adapting to the customer first and foremost.

Mobile gaming in general has seen a huge spike in the market, a trend that has been on the rise for quite some time now. In fact, mobile gamers make up a whopping 28% of the world’s overall population, a number that is only expected to grow in the coming years. As the market turns its eyes to mobile users, developers will continue to adapt their products to be enjoyed on these devices.

As more innovations in mobile rise to the surface, cellular poker gameplay will become a first priority for many gamers

Live poker streaming will increase in viewership

The gaming industry wouldn’t be what it is in 2021 without the help of top streaming platforms like Twitch and Steam. You’ll be hard pressed to find any true gamer that doesn’t utilize their services in addition to their regular gameplay. This is because these sites allow for users to view gaming competitions in real-time as their favorite opponents fight it out, whether in a first-person shooter game or, nowadays, even poker.

In fact, some of the world’s best professional poker players take to platforms like Twitch to stream their gameplay for fans. While some are more active than others, all give users expert insight into the most important poker strategies for online activity. This is great news for serious poker followers who want to get tips from their favorite players but don’t want to wait for a specific T.V. broadcast. As online poker continues to boom in the 21st century, streaming audiences are expected to rise with it.