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Polish football league Odds

Polish football league Odds

Who wins Polish football league 2019?

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Legia Warsaw isn’t far away from actually sharing the mantle of the most prolific football club in Poland alongside Wisła Kraków and Górnik Zabrze because all three of them have 13, 14 and 14 championships settled up with their names. The day Legia Warsaw emerges as one of the most dominant forces of Polish club football aren’t far away. In the 2017-18 season of Ekstraklasa, the way they dominated the tournament was a little different than they did previously to complete these 13 titles that can easily bring us to the point where we can expect that this club isn’t going to go down easily even in the next season or seasons to come.

Lech Poznan is the only other threat that they have to their existence and their right to get to the cup yet again in the 2018-19 season. Another thing that we’ve always liked in the top tier Polish Football League is that they haven’t been one of the consistent leagues when it comes to the points table. In one season you have one a couple of teams fighting for the top spots and for the championship and the next you see another pair of the teams trying to make their way into the food chain. One way or another as we’ve seen Warsaw and Lech Poznan performing in the recent years we really can’t look away from the possibilities of these teams trying to make their way into the top 4 yet again. This definitely is the new breed and the time for the Ekstraklasa where the clubs that were making their spots and their presence known have to diminish under the brilliance of the newer names.

Zabrze and Krakow may have been known for the overall number of titles against their names but their performance has been almost average in the recent years, unless they make some serious changes to the squad and management there can’t be much threat posed by them to other clubs who are trying their best to somehow cause enough disruption and upsets in the season so that the game keeps on going and the viewers like the cup being fought four. In 2018-19 we sure are going to see a newer and much more intense version of Ekstraklasa that will be aiming to give the best of the tournament and for sure, the best of the Polish football.


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