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Polish speedway league Odds

Who wins the Polish speedway league 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Unia Leszno1.221.16
Stal Gorzów5.004.00

Polish Speedway league 2018 News.

Speedway stands to be counted as one of the most popular games in Poland. The game is run under the management of Main Commission of Speedway Sport. The annual event boasts of a lot of followers and fans who are ready to go crazy about the sport. The polish event seems to be taking a new swift every year. The existing rules and regulations are modified while at times new sets of rules are introduced. The just concluded 2017 event saw a number of changes and still more changes are expected during the Polish Speedway League 2018 event.

Here are some of the significant things to note in the 2018 event.

Provision of permission for a reserve race

This decision was implemented during the 2017 event. Initially, there was no provision for a reserve racer race unless it was a special case of injury. Even in such a case, the reserve was supposed to be a junior of 21 years or less. This regulation has however been revised to allow for a reserve racer. It will be fully implemented in the Polish Speedway League 2018.

Better pay for players

The past events have been marred by myriads of cases of delayed payment of players' salaries. This has greatly affected the past events, especially in the low ranked clubs. The clubs have however in the recent times tried much to pay their players in time. This was witnessed at the 2017 event. Big sponsors and media who have interest in these clubs have confirmed to work closely with the teams to ensure better pay. The Polish Speedway League 2018 is expected to be better with payment of wages.

Restriction of riders

Poland has been experiencing conflicts with players participating in other leagues. There have been long time debates about the need to restrict those riders from participating in other leagues. The decision to prevent Polish riders from participating in other external events was fairly implemented in the 2017 game. The regulations are expected to be tighter during the Speedway League 2018 event. This is expected to put riders who have a deep interest in the Swedish and British leagues in a big dilemma.

For example, Swedes and Danes participate in Britain Grand Prix event. They have the option of ditching their polish national event or British Grand Prix. They have a choice to decide which league they should go for. Ditching their polish event means they have to relocate to Britain to have more time to concentrate on their careers fully. They are however faced with a challenge of where to educate their children.

In another instance, two riders Doyle and Holder faces a possibility of ditching Sweden and concentrating on the Speedway Great Britain event. They equally face the challenge of relocating to Britain and the concern about their kids' education.

Polish Wolverhampton rider Freddie will be equally affected by this move. He has committed his career in Britain for more than a decade now. He will have a difficult time to decide whether to ditch his home country or the club that has made him.

The riders fancy participating in British and Swedish events because of the better deals that are on offer there. The 2018 event is likely to miss a few riders who may decide to drop Poland for some more lucrative deals elsewhere.

Poland intends to reduce the number of leagues that riders can participate in. They will be allowed to participate in a maximum of two leagues. This is highly going to affect them as some are used to participating in more than three leagues.

Tough decisions for riders

Following the restriction decision, riders have really tough choices to make as the 2018 event approaches. The restrictions push them to an end as they have to involuntarily forge some of the very lucrative deals that they have signed in. Riders need more money from their career and this restriction seems to cut short their quest to make the most out of their riding careers. Already some players have shown a possibility of abandoning the polish league for British, Swedish or Australian leagues which are definitely more paying. The future to participate in the Polish league especially the coming 2018 event is a bit unclear. They, however, have some time to decide where they should register.

Causes of the restriction

Poland wants to strengthen its speedway event and make it a highly competitive one. One way of doing this is by making its local riders to concentrate more on the polish event. They believe this can be achieved through restricting the number of leagues that the local riders are participating in. The concerned policymakers, therefore, made a decision that the riders should decide where wish to participate. They should fully concentrate on the local event or opt for foreign leagues.

Complains and concerns

The riders have aired their concerns about the move to restrict them from registering in more leagues. International riders and event fans are calling for the decision to be retracted. It is believed that the move will instead lower the quality of riders in the Polish league.

Timetable for the Polish Speedway League 2018

The timetable has not yet been announced. The Polish Grand Prix event is however scheduled to take place at National Stadium Warsaw from Saturday 12th May 2018.