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To Stay Up Odds

To Stay Up odds

To Stay Up (Not be Relegated) in Premier League 2020

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To stay up (Not be relegated)

Beside the clubs from the big six whose only consideration is finishing in on the top of the table and winning the league, there are several other clubs who don’t have to worry about relegation like Everton, Leicester, Wolverhampton, Watford, West Ham.

On the other hand we have several teams that will fight to avoid relegation, but among them there are few that will probably secure their Premier Leagues’ status for next season.

Southampton is one of them, same as Crystal Palace, Bournemouth and Aston Villa.

Many are seeing Norwich and Sheffield United as already relegated teams. Burnley is playing in the Premier League for the fourth straight season, having struggled to survive in two of the previous three and even played in the Europa League once. Last season they played the qualifiers of that competition and did not enter the group stage, while they spent the entire championship in the bottom half of the table. They were even last in one moment, spending a few rounds in the relegation zone and eventually finishing six points higher than the relegation zone, though they have lost the last three games. They welcome the new season with the same goal as it did in the past, which means surviving in the company of the best. They practically did not change anything and can be said that they’re the same quality, with the additional intensification of the attack, where they had a good striking duo anyway. As they haven't changed much, and they struggled to survive last season, we are similarly anticipating them in the new championship and it will be a stressful season for Burnley.The only difference is that they can completely focus on the Premier League since they aren’t playing in any European competition, and that is why many are seeing Burnley above the relegation zone at the end of the season.

Another team that spent the entirety of last season in the bottom half of the Premier League standings is Newcastle United. Newcastle were particularly bad at the very beginning when they failed to beat anyone in the first ten rounds and fell to last place in the standings. Even after such a bad start and a negative series, they did not want to change manager Rafael Benitez and he met the end of the season on the bench, but in the meantime he consolidated the team and they played much better, so in the end there was no fight for survival, though were at the bottom half of the table. Changes in the team were exclusively in the attacking part of the team and they were left without two, and they brought one top striker and they should not have lost too much. There's also a new manager, so it's hard to say, but again, they should avoid relegation considered everything.

Bournemouth did not have any problems last season in maintaining their Premier League status and it’s clear that they have to be complacent. Even this team in the first part of the season was a real sensation and they held on to European positions. For the fifth consecutive Premier League season for Bournemouth and again they have only one goal, and that is survival. They only finished one of the previous four seasons at the top half of the table and that is their wish and now, however, it is realistic to be in the bottom half again and have problems with their survival, although there are weaker teams that they should leave under.

But it is a game and in this game anything is possible, so let the best teams remains in the league, no matter the odds at the beginning of the season.

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