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Premier League Top 6 finish odds

Premier League Top 6 finish odds

Premier League Top 6 finish odds

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Talk About Predictions On English Premier League 2019 top 6

We are all sure that if you are one of the biggest fans of English Premier League, then you would be much conscious as in knowing about the top 6 predictions in the English Premier League 2019. Well, the season has been yet to get started off but it has already created a big buzz and turning out to be the main talk of the town for sure.

Liverpool has for sure raised up their chances as in coming up with the ending point of the Manchester City's unbeaten start in an epic 4-3 victory at Anfield. On the contrary side, we would view that the Manchester United and Tottenham recorded comfortable victories as well. In the meanwhile situation, the Chelsea has been on the held of being the goalless draw with Leicester and Arsenal. They are being slipped to eight points adrift of fourth place by means of with a 2-1 defeat at Bournemouth.

Well, no one is until now able to come up with the actual prediction related to the English Premier League 2019 top 6. But for us, the upcoming prediction is naming to be 1st Manchester City, 2nd Manchester United, 3rd Tottenham, 4th Liverpool, 5th Chelsea, and 6th to be Arsenal.  We are all worried about the stand of the Chelsea for sure. They are not at all scoring any state of the goal and they are not coming up with any hopes about whether they will score or not.  Now the fans are much curious to know that where actually Alexis Sanchez has gone away! If he has made his way into the Chelsea, then for sure this team will be the part of top 4 without any doubt.

Manchester United are second for the fans on being the favorite of them all.  Liverpool has always proved them to be the greatest ones. So all in all we can just come up with the conclusion related to the Manchester City finishing first and in sixth will be Arsenal.

According to the Phil Thompson, 1st Manchester City, 2nd Liverpool, 3rd Manchester United, 4th Chelsea, 5th Tottenham, and the 6th Arsenal. It would be bringing so many changes in the coming few months for sure. But Manchester City will always remain on the top for sure. And hence the Liverpool have proved they are the second-best team in the league.

If you would be looking back in the background of the previous matches, you will definitely be witnessing with so many of the amazing battlefields of the teams to stay on the top of the rank.  We hope that this blog post would have made you learn much insight about the top 6 predictions made on the English Premier League 2019. Now let's see that whether these predictions would be coming all across to be based on the reality or not!

Get ready to grab the schedule of English Premier League 2019 as very soon the dates will be announced!

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