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Premier League Top 10 odds

Premier League Top 10 odds

Premier League 2019/2020 Top 10 odds

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For many fans of football, the most quality and exciting national football championship is that they are playing in England - in particular, the Premier League. For the quality of this league enough speaks the fact that the finalists of both the Champions League and Europa League are clubs right from the English Premier League. It a league where anyone can win against anyone and perhaps its the most difficult league to predict.

The season 2018/19 in the Premier League is historical. The race for the 1st place and title is more tense and equal than ever. Manchester City and Liverpool will decide the champion in the last round. The fight for the european spot next season was also really exciting. Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United, Chelsea were in a close race for Champions League spot until the last few rounds. The clubs in the middle of the table are very close with points. Maybe the relegation battle wasn’t so much interesting this season as Huddersfield was relegated really early, Fulham also was relegated without any special fight, maybe Cardiff showed a bit of more passion and desire to stay in the Premier League but didn’t make it.

The season 2019/2020 is excepted to be even more tense and equal especially at the top of the table. Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester United are the famous “big six” and we are excepting the fight for the title to be between this clubs. Wolves, Everton and Leicester are the clubs that can surprise from the shadows. Watford, Newcastle, West Ham and Crystal Palace, Southampton are the clubs that most likely will take the middle of the table. The fight for the top 10 places on the table is excepted to be between this clubs. Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley and the clubs that comes from the Championship Norwich and Sheffield United will fight for relegation. The third team that will be promoted from the Championship will be known after the play offs in the English Championship League. According to some bookmakers Manchester City and Liverpool are the main favourites that will fight for the title and next season. Manchester United is right behind them, Tottenham and Arsenal are next by the odds. Chelsea maybe is a bit underrated because is last of the famous big six and by the bookies has the least chances to win the title. Norwich, Burnley and Sheffield United are main candidates for relegations next season. Of course after the transfer period and summer preparations the things will be much clearer, but this is English Premier League and through history many times we saw that anything is possible in the strongest national football league in the world.

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