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Razzie Awards 2019 Odds

Betting on Razzie Awards

Are you an expert on playing odds, betting, and figuring out statistical probabilities that your horse, or team, or favorite movie or band will surely be the winner in whatever competition you are placing your bet? If you are not a gambling expert, there is one simple trick to betting on the Razzie Awards – pick the worst possible candidate you can think of, and bet on that! That is right, the Razzie Awards recognize the worst of the worst in the world of Hollywood, and you can bet on that!

Founded in 1980 by American copywriter and publicist John J.B. Wilson, the Razzie Awards are traditionally held the day before the Academy Awards to recognize the greatest film atrocities of the year and even the decade. Razzie Awards categories include:

The award consists of a rather tacky raspberry perched on top of a film reel – all made of plastic, and all spray painted gold.

The Razzie Awards are different from any other awards show in that the general public can vote on the outcome through the Razzie website, so the winners are influenced not only by Hollywood and film critics, but also by the general population, journalists, and anyone who decides to vote.

Various websites will allow you to track odds and accuracy for the Razzie Awards that will allow you to better select who to bet on as the “winners” of these dubious awards. Book makers, or bookies, can help you track the odds and favorites, and then place your bets for you. If you prefer to do your own research, there are many internet listings that help you track accuracy of previous bets through accounts, as well as check current nominations and the odds in their favor or against them. Of course, since the Razzie Awards are voted on by the general population of moviegoers and Hollywoodfans, you can put your own two cents in to help determine who the winner will be.


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