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Stirling Prize odds – Best Odds at Stirling Prize

Stirling Prize 2021

There is no odds at Stirling Prize 2020 yet.

Stirling Prize 2019

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The Royal Institute of British Architects or RIBA Stirling Prize is an esteemed award presented to architects. It is given to professional architects in the UK who contribute to the uniqueness and excellence of a new building or structure. The prize is named after a celebrated British architect by the name of James Stirling. James Stirling had an illustrious career. He took over and completed projects in several other countries outside the UK including America and Germany. The award was named after him due to his exceptional services in the field of architecture.

How Prestigious Is The RIBA Stirling Prize

The RIBA Stirling Prize is the highest and the most prestigious prize awarded in the field of architecture. Winning this prize can skyrocket any architect’s career. Even getting shortlisted can bring a lot of fame to the respective architect. This increased exposure can help architects attract more clients. It can also help architects to market their services in a more efficient manner. Winning the RIBA Stirling Prize brings authenticity and trustworthiness to the architect’s portfolio.

Factors That Decide The Winner

The award is presented every year to architects who design buildings according to the highest architectural standards. There are many different things to consider when designing a building. These things can include the quality of materials used in the construction process, the shape and design of the building, Its impact on the environment and many other factors. When it comes to the RIBA Stirling Prize, the buildings are judged on the basis of originality, design, innovation, sustainability, capacity to make the occupants feel comfortable, accessibility and client satisfaction. Architects who tick all the boxes are usually shortlisted for the prize. Many different entries are submitted every year to the Royal Institute of British Architects. The jury then shortlists some of the buildings based on the above mentioned factors. This year six buildings have been shortlisted for the award.

What To Expect This Year

In July of 2019, six buildings were shortlisted by RIBA for the Stirling Prize. These buildings include;

  • London Bridge Station (By: Grimshaw For: Network Rail)
  • Goldsmith Street (By: Mikhail Riches And Cathy Hawley For: Norwich City Council)
  • Cork House (By : Matthew Barnett Howland, Oliver Wilton, And Dido Milne)
  • Nevill Holt Opera (By: Witherford Watson Mann For: Nevill Holt Opera)
  • The Weston Yorkshire Sculpture Park (By: Feilden Fowles For: Yorkshire Sculpture Park)
  • The Macallan Distillery And Visitor Experience (By: Rogers Stirk Harbour And Partners For: Edrington)

The winner will be announced on 8th October 2019 at The Roundhouse Arts and Concert Venue in London. The names of all the members of the jury are yet to be announced.

Leading Contender

This year, the competition is really tight. There is no building that has an apparent edge over the other. They are all unique in their own right and have been constructed while keeping important industry standards in mind. Some experts are speculating that Cork House might win the race this year round while others are rooting for The Macallan Distillery but due to such a tight competition, no one is sure about their pick.