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Romanian League 1 Odds

Romanian League 1 Odds

Who wins Romanian League 1 2018-19?

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FRF announced on its official website that the licensing process for clubs that have applied for a license to participate in League 1 in the 2018-2019 season has ended and among the licensed groups are Danube Calarasi and FC Hermannstadt , promoted from League 2.

The new season in Betano League 1 will begin about one week after the end of the World Championship in Russia:  "The Executive Committee of the Romanian Football Federation has decided that the 2018-2019 season of League 1 will start on July 21-22. The last stage in 2018 will be the 21st stage, which will be held on December 20-21, with the 22nd round, scheduled for February 2-3, 2019. The 2018-2019 season of League 1 will end on June 2, 2019." the LPF president said.

The Fund Committee refused to grant the League 1 license for CS Afumati because it did not submit a complete documentation according to the requirements of Art. 15 par. 5 of the National Club Licensing and Financial Fair Playing Regulations, 2017 edition, states the release.

At the same time, the Fund Committee granted the League 1 license with sanctions to Concordia Chiajna for violating art. 23 par. (1) of that regulation. Concordia Chiajna appealed the decision of the court of first instance to the Appeal Board for Club Licensing, which issued a final and enforceable decision, acknowledging the club's appeal and partially amending the Commission's decision to grant club licenses - fund, in the sense that it has established that the provisions of art. 23 par. 1 and canceled the financial penalty of 50,000 lei applied by the Fund Committee.

ACS Poli Timişoara, a team that has very big financial problems, failing to pay 6-month players, also received the license, although it has very little chance of remaining in League One.

"The last paid salary was in December, who knows if we will receive any money or we will not receive any more." Adrian Neaga, coach ACS Poli Timisoara

The licensing process for clubs that applied for a license to participate in the National League Liga 1 in the 2018-2019 season ended.

FCSB is preparing for a new League 1 Betano season, and Nicolae Dică, freshly confirmed by Becali, has to crunch the strategy to bring the first title to the team after three years. And Dica's plan does not include Vlad Achim (29 years old) and Marian Pleasca (28 years old), footballers who last season's vice-champion loaned the last season to FC Botosani, respectively FC Voluntari.

The summer is usually the time when FCSB's "exiles", the players who have not been detained in the batch, return home trying to impress the coach and get chances in the coming season. That's how it will happen in 2018, when Daniel Benzar, William de Amorim and Antonio Jakolis are waiting for Dica's training, but not Vlad Achim and Marian Pleasca, the site announces. Sent to weaker teams in League One Betano, the two have contracts until 2019 and 2021 respectively, but Dica has already decided their fate. Unlike the rest of FCSB footballers, the two did not have a training program for this summer, and Gigi Becali has no financial demands to break up from them.



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