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Six Nations Championship 2020 odds

Who wins the Six Nations Championship 2020?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Northern Ireland4.504.50

Due to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic, Italy's matches against Ireland and England, France's match against Ireland and Wales' match against Scotland were postponed with the intention of being rescheduled.

Six nations championship 2021


Guinness six nation’s championship is also called as the six nation’s championship. The name Guinness six nations championship has been used to it due to the sponsorship reasons. As the name indicates, it is going to be held in the year 2021 and it will be the 22nd six nation’s championship. It is basically a rugby union championship that is going to be contested among the top best teams of the world. This amazing championship will help among the nations of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. This championship will also include the previous versions of the tournaments such as the Home Nations Championship and Five Nations Championship. There is news that Italy and France will be kicked off from this championship, but now both these nations have been finalized for it.

The Calcutta cup between England and Scotland will follow this world class championship. It has also been called as the electric tournament that is running the European rugby in Rome, Edinburgh, Paris. The authority is offering tickets at different rates to the fans and now it is time when Cardiff, Dublin and London with color, passion and thousands of fans. The whole environment of the country has changed even one year before the championship. It is one of the best events that have always happened under England. England will launch this championship crown with the Calcutta cup showdown against Scotland at Twickenham.

Fan’s enthusiasm

There are various comments of fans and people who are not happy with this upcoming event. Some people said that this championship will evoke the memories of their stunning 38-38 draw in 2019 and after its completion; these memories will stay in the mind of fans for a long time period just as happened in the year 2019. While there are others who said that it is one of the greatest games in international history and Twickenham is sure to be crammed to the rafters again. The fans of the cup said that we are waiting anxiously for this tournament and it will provide us an opportunity to enjoy England’s launch because England will then welcome Italy to Twickenham before making the journey to Wales, facing France at Twickenham before ending with a colossal collision in Dublin against Ireland. No matter what you want to experience, make sure you don’t miss this epic rugby adventure.

Few rules of the Guinness six nation’s championship

The rules of the game are same as were in the previous championships. These rules include the four points are awarded to the team for a win and two points are awarded to the team for a draw. Both these rules are the unique features of this championship that will take two points from the players when they will draw a fixture. After that a bonus point is awarded to a team that scored four or more tries in a match or loses a match by seven points or fewer. If a team scored four tries in a match and loses by seven points or less, they are awarded both bonus points.


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