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Serie A Next Manager To Leave Odds

Serie A Next Manager To Leave

First Serie A Manager To Leave 2019/2020

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Serie A First Manager To Leave 2019/2020

Italian Serie A 2019/20 season begins on 24th August and it will be probably the most attractive in the last 10 years. Serie A, not so long ago the strongest football league in the world, shattered by the 2006 Calciopoli scandal from season to season recovers from all that scandals and unpleasant staff. However, there are still many football fans who follow the Italian Calcio with great care, which, even though it no longer bears the epitome of the greatest, brings new excitement and a wealth of top-notch fights, goals and moves every season.

In the first round we have few derby matches like Parma vs Juventus, Fiorentina vs Napoli, Udinese vs Milan, AS Roma vs Genoa, Sampdoria vs Lazio etc. Perhaps after first few rounds we will have more complet picture of which teams will fight for the title, which will fight for places that brings European competition and which will fight for avoiding relegation.

According to bookmakers Juventus is biggest favourite for winning the title, and their new manager Maurizio Sarri is safe in his job as long as Juventus is on the top of the league. Of course in Juventus aren’t happy only with winning the Seria A trophy or Itallian Cup trophy, but their main goal is winning the UEFA Champions League title. Inter Milano also has new manager for this season, Antonio Conte. Their main objective this season is to finally put an end of Juventus domination in the league and to bring former glory to the club from Milano. Inter is second favourite for winning the title, so Conte will be under great preassure to keep on the title race with Juventus and to keep his managerial post.Napoli is always in the title race through the half of the season, but then their form drops. Carlo Ancelotti will try to fix it and to bring winning mentality to the club. And Napoli same as Inter wants to end the domination of Juventus and their main goal is Seria A trophy. Ancelotti will have to be prepared to deal with the preassure that for certain will be bigger than last season, as Inter is also expected to be in the title race. Of course the managers of the top teams are more under preassure but these clubs don’t change managers during season so often. Unlike them the clubs that are fighting to avoid relegation sometimes can change several managers during one season. So the first manager to leave Seria A this season should be among them. Ivan Juric the manager of Hellas Verona, Fabio Luverani from Lecce, Eugeni Corini from Brescia, Cesare Prandelli from Genoa, Roberto D’Aversa from Parma and Leonardo Semplici from SPAL are main candidates for leaving the Seria A. Of course after the first few rounds we will know who is doing good job and who will be under preassure to be sacked or maybe to resign. However we are expecting very interesting season in Seria A and tight race for the title to the very end of the season.


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