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Snooker Shoot Out odds

Snooker Shoot Out

Who wins Snooker Shoot Out 2022?

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One of the world’s craziest and weirdest snooker tournaments is upon us on January 20th. Snooker Shoot-Out 2022 should be a treat for new and traditional snooker fans due to its specific format. This competition deserves the epithet of a unique tournament because how else would you call a snooker competition where a match ends in just one frame? Plus, you only have ten or fifteen seconds to make a shot!

It is the only place where we can see world greatest snooker players play snooker in a different fashion – fast flowing and super exciting. Here there is no time to stop and think, there’s no time to plan 5 shots ahead, there’s no reason not to go for that shot you see. This is completely opposite of what snooker is anywhere else. Blink and you’ll miss it – that’s why you need to watch it.

The first edition of this competition was played over thirty years ago, in 1990 when Darren Morgan won the non-ranking prize in Stoke beating Mike Hallet. Unfortunately, that would be the only edition of this competition for twenty-one years when it was reintroduced in 2011 again as a non-ranking tournament. The most interesting change for this competition happened in 2017 when the first Shoot-Out was played as a ranking tournament giving it a great spike in importance in the context of the whole season.

Of course, this change was extremely controversial because most of the snooker players and general public thought that this should never be a ranking tournament due to its exhibition format and rules. Even the eventual 2017 Shot-Out winner Anthony McGill said this after the winning ceremony: “In no way on God's earth should this be a ranking tournament˝ also calling it a coin-toss tournament.

On the other hand, this fast-flowing format invites new fans to the sport. More importantly it invites young fans and new fans from American and Asian markets that don’t accept the longevity and the slow pace of the usual snooker match. All in all, it seems that the traditional snooker fans and current players are not enjoying the perks of the Shoot-Out while the governing body (WPBSA) and the new fans call for even more of these kinds of tournaments. Financial side is understandable and clear, but the question of the sport integrity and tradition is surely also at stake.

One other aspect of this format is the lack of century-breaks due to the speed in which players need to take the shots. In the 2017 edition there was no century-breaks whatsoever, and that makes the last year record break of 142 made by Mark Allen even more impressive.

Mark Allen was not the winner of that tournament though; the holding champion is actually Ryan Day who beat the great champion Mark Selby in the final in Milton Keynes in front of zero fans due to the pandemic. This year the fans are back around the table, while the location was moved to Leicester for the first time in history of the competition. Is The Jester from Leicest Mark Selby going to perform in front of his home fans, or will Jud Trump go on to claim his dominance even in the one frame matches? Is The Rocket going to show why he is The Rocket? Does Neil Robertson continue his great form, or will John Higgins show he is not old scrap? Is someone else going to pop-up and get crowned in this weird format just like Robin Hull, Michael Georgiou and Un-Nooh did back in 2016, 2018 and 2019 respectively?