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Social Democrats Odds

Social Democrats (s) - Percentage of votes obtained by the party at the Swedish General Election 2022

Over/under 29.5 %

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Over/under 30.5 %

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Socialdemokraterna (S), or the Social democratic party, has throughout Swedish history been the post popular party. Since the beginning of the 21th century they have with few exception been the party with the largest voter base. Lately, their popularity has been waning. With roots are in the unions and working groups they have positioned themselves as the primary working class party. Core issues have for a long time been welfare and public health, unions and welfare. To grasp what the party is about, we have to look at their history

History of the Socialdemokraterna

At the end of the 19th century, the workers movement was growing strong. Many were organizing themselves in unions and strived to achieve fewer work hours and higher wages. When Socialdemokraterna were formed it was through the support of unions and the workers movement. Their early politics were focused on strikes but transformed into focusing on social welfare and a regulated market. Practical socializing combined with private business. The society were to grew strong through industries and affordable housing. Through the welfare society everybody were to receive reasonable care and living standards through work and future pensions.

Socialdemokraterna and change

The 1980's marked Socialdemokraternas high point. They reformed several important institutions in society. Employment was guarantee through checks and balances, they instituted collective funds safeguarding wages and made several changes to the pension system. In time they became more aggressive in their change and often bypassed informal requirements for consensus.

Social democracy today

Social democracy is currently experiencing something of a crisis. Latest polls give Socialdemokrater a support of around 23% of the voters. If this were to be transformed into a general election it would mean the lowest support since 1912 and mark a shift in a 100 year success story.

Future for the Socialdemokraterna

With waning support it's draw other conclusions that their current politics are not experiencing support among voters. The split between those who vote for Socialdemokraterna and Moderaterna has increased. Also, marginal parties are now seeing increased support matching the already established parties. It is no longer just a question about right and left politics. Socialdemokraterna has been marked by an unwillingness to work closely with Sverigedemokraterna. Considering that Socialdemokraterna has a close working relationship with LO and that Sverigedemokraterna is the most popular party within members of LO, it is hard to see this can lead to increased support for Socialdemokraterna. Can Socialdemokraterna make voters returns? It's unclear since society has changed from how it was during their popularity peak. The world is no longer an industrial economy in the way it once was.

Löfven will resign at the next party congress in the wake of the 2022 general election.