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Solheim Cup odds – Get the Best Odds at Solheim Cup

Who wins Solheim Cup 2021?

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The Solheim Cup

The Solheim Cup is a big golf event between professional ladies golfer from the USA and Europe. Its format is based on the Ryder Cup. Inaugurated in 1990, it takes place after two years. In 2019 Solheim Cup took place from 9 September to 15 September at Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire, Scottland, where the team Europe defeated Team USA after a sensational match. On the final day, team USA required only half-point to win the title in the last three matches but team Europe won all three matches and stamped their victory in a great fashion.

Anna Nordqvist defeated Morgan Pressel, and Morgan Law defeated All McDonalds, and Pettersen battered Marina Alex. Pettersen and Marina needed a birdie on the last hole for the victory of their sides. The Team Europe achieved the required score 14 1/2. After 2013, it was the first time when the USA side lost the tournament.

The next event will take place in 2021 in the Inverness golf club, Toledo, United States of America. The Inverness has hosted two major golf tournaments in the past; The US Open and The PGA Championship.

In recent ages, the American side is always stronger as compared to the European side, whether it is the Ryder Cup or the British Open, The US Open or the Masters, Male tournaments or female contests, America has a good record against Europe. Not to be mentioned that initially, it was Europe having the lead in almost all the tournaments. Keeping an eye on the home course advantages and weather conditions, the next tournament of Solheim belongs to the American side. The American side is always top dog in this contest and they mostly proved their superiority in the game. The strong team with the world class professional ladies and aggressive playing style, the American side will revenge their recent lost and will be going to lift the trophy again.