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Speedway Great Britain Premiership 2018 Odds

Who wins the Speedway Great Britain Premiership 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Poole Pirates1.181.18
Kings Lynn Stars4.504.50

Speedway Great Britain Premiership 2018

The competition has traditionally been fierce and exciting. The speedway Great Britain Premiership 2018 is expected to be as exciting as ever. Already, the teams that lost this season have vowed to do all it takes to win.  Here is some of the news of what to expect from the seemingly highly competitive 2018 premiership.

Leicester's Lions set for a Race-night shift

Leicester has revealed their plans to do a switch of race-night in the 2018 season. Inner sources from the Lions have confirmed that Grand Prix powerhouse Martin Vaculik has already been signed to top the team. Leicester co-promoter was recently quoted saying that the club is prepared for any possible eventualities. He also added that he is positive that if the team is fully utilized, then they are set to win.

Stars Boss is an optimistic man about the future

Keith Chapman who serves as King's promoter has made clear his intention to move Stars to the top of the Speedway Great Britain Premiership 2018. The team suffered a defeat during the 2017 events, but the boss seems to be more focused on the future. He has already signed the brilliant Dane Thomas to add strength to his team.  He made a statement concerning how frustrated he was following the defeat in the 2017 event. He has promised fans and other supporters encouraging results in the next event.

Iversen announces his possibility of making a come-back in the UK.

A disappointed Niels-Kristian Iversen has shown an interest in returning to British racing. He attributes this to his failure to participate in FIM Speedway Grand Prix wildcard due to a shoulder injury.  The Danish star boasts of six straight championships and hopes to add more trophies to his basket next season. In an exclusive interview, the star insisted on his intention to make a come-back to the SGB. He also revealed that it was not his wish to miss the FIM, but it was because of an injury. He is anticipated to give a tight competition to his opponents when he returns.

More news from Lion's swoop

In instance news revealed, Leicester has entered the books of history by signing Slovakian sensation Martin Vaculik.  The move may make all eyes to shift to Leicester's team during the Speedway Great Britain premiership 2018. Its highly ambitious manager is keen to get the best for the team to enable it to clinch next season's trophy. Lion's co-promoter Neil Machin was all praises for the club's former rider Simon Stead. He mainly praised him for being there to guide Martin. On the other hand, Vaculik hailed signing and said that it came at the right time when his career needed it. He stated how delighted he was to come to Leicester and promised to do his best for the team. He is expected to offer a strong competition in the 2018 event.

Me? Have my knee operated? Not now!

Danish star Thomas Jorgensen has made it clear that his knee will not be operated. He has signed in with King's Lynn in the SGB 2018. He stated how displeased he was with the news about the operation and said that he is ready for the season. He said that he was optimistic about next season's results.

Swindon gets showers of praises from the boss

Alun Rossiter was all praises for his Robins team which received honor and accolade from Parliament. The manager who saw his team through to win the SGB last season said that he was happy with such a parliamentary recognition. He noted how the team displayed an outstanding attitude that propelled them to win the finals.  The team is ready to protect its championship in the 2018 season. Members have shown their desire and determination to maintain the trophy.

Swindon gets treat for its victory

The Robins gathered for a celebration following the victory in the 2017 event finals. All management riders except for Jason Doyle attended. The team celebrated the victory party that was attended by high profile individuals. Most of the speeches made praised them for their effort and reminded them that they still have much ahead especially in the SGB 2018 finals. The boss, Alun, promised the team that he was ready to cooperate with the supporters to give the players all the necessary support they needed. The team's biggest target is to retain the championship.

It is practice everywhere

Finally, the SGB 2017 is over. There were biggest winners as well as losers. Nobody wishes to lose in a tournament. All the participating teams work hard to win although only one team emerges a winner. Now all teams are eyeing the Speedway Great Britain Premiership 2018. They are making new signings ad polishing their teams. Managers such as Keith Chapman has openly come out and promised to deliver best results in the 2018 finals. Those who have tasted worst defeats know how embarrassing it has been for them especially when facing their fans and supporters. The winners want to maintain their status and receive more accolades. The coming season is likely to be one of the most interesting in the race's history. Fans and other admirers of SGB premiership should be prepared to witness one of the finest finals of all times.