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Teams to Consider When Betting on the Premier League

 PHOTO, CAPTION: These teams could be super useful for bettors


Watching the high-octane football on display in the Premier League is one of the greatest entertainment experiences going. Whether it’s the blistering speed of play, the crunching tackles flying in, the screaming long-range goals, the mazy dribbles, or the amount of world-class talent on display, there is something to excite every fan of the beautiful game.


However, for many of us, the one thing that makes the experience even better, is by having a flutter on the games. Betting on the Premier League is adored by masses of people in many different countries, thanks to its highly competitive nature, partnered with the ease of using online betting sites. In New Zealand for instance, punters can easily find all the top betting sites available in NZ, by hopping over to Casino Reviews. Whether they’re looking for free bets, generous odds, live betting options and lots of big bonuses, they can all be discovered on their simple to use site. Plus, each listed option is 100% secure, meaning visitors are in safe hands as they bet on the action.


When it comes to betting on the Premier League though, not all teams are created equal. So, with the 22/23 season due to kick-off in August, here’s our guide to which teams you should be paying extra attention to, and why, come future match-days.


Leicester City


Brendan Rodger’s Leicester City had a relatively torrid time last season, especially as they were coming off the back of a couple of years where they were really pushing for a top-four finish, almost claiming one of the much-coveted Champions League places. They dropped down the table to eighth though, and that was mainly due to them leaking goals at the back, especially from set-pieces, and they conceded 59 goals in total.


Interestingly though, they actually managed to score a decent amount despite these defensive failings, scoring 62 times during the season. This meant there were a lot of games where they were both scoring, and conceding, 26 in fact. Which amazingly meant that for 68% of their games both teams scored. Great news for putting both teams to score bets on, so look out for The Foxes matches next season and make great use of this stat, as they seem fated to continue this topsy-turvy form. 


Tottenham Hotspur


It’s an ongoing trope in football lore, that London club, Tottenham Hotspur, will always find a way to not win something. It’s so ingrained in the fabric of football, that the phrase ‘Spursy’ has been invented, so that it can be uttered every time the team manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, which is a lot.


However, one man that seems set on reversing that trend, and turning Spurs into a winning machine, is their current manager Antonio Conte. The Italian tactician is a born winner, and even though he’s only been in the job since November last year, he seems to have already installed some much needed steel into the side, and Spurs actually managed to win several matches after going behind.


This trend definitely looks set to evolve next season, so make sure to watch out for games that they go behind in, as there’s now a real chance of them coming back to win. Could be a result for in-play betting then.


Liverpool + Man City


When it comes to the most dominating teams in the league, both Liverpool and Manchester City have consistently shown in recent years that they know how to put some serious winning runs together. Led by, probably, the two greatest current managers in world football, Pep Guardiola at City and Jurgen Klopp at Anfield, the two sides have battled it out between them for the top spot in the past few seasons.


Even though Guardiola and his sky-blue disciples have captured the most, winning four out of the past five titles, Klopp’s heavy metal football has fought them all the way, and had their own victory in the 19/20 season, which was Liverpool’s first top division title for thirty years. It seems that this coming season, the two current juggernauts will duke it out again, and assert their superiority over the rest of the league.


This dominance is useful for bettors, because if you add both teams to win as the base for a much bigger accumulator, then it gives you a good solid foundation to hopefully construct some big payouts. A well structured accumulator can be a great way to make some large winnings out of a tiny initial amount, making them a good answer to the question of whether you can you make it big with small bets.