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Davis Cup odds – Get the Best Odds at Davis Cup

Who wins the Davis Cup 2020?

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Davis Cup 2020

As per the recent updates, 8 nations celebrated the moment of victory with Group II ties by this weekend. They have now stepped ahead on the Davis Cup ladder, and this progress made them eligible to take part in the brand-new World Group 1 play-off. This match is announced for the month of March in 2020.

The eight teams, as well as the four nations that won Group II contests earlier in the month of April, will be now joining the 12 losing nations during Group 1 clashes next year. To ensure victory in the Group 1 tie, the teams need to wait till the month of September 2020. The Davis Cup finals, along with all the qualifiers will be joining the field in 2021.

As you know, four Europe/Africa Group II ties occurred by this weekend. During this session, Turkey marked its win over Denmark in Aarhus during the first session. This match was the most interesting one of all that happened by this weekend. The Turks faced the fightback from the home side by the second day of the match. After a very comfortable 2-0 lead, Demark proved its potential by grabbing victories in the third and fourth matches. To ensure victory for Turkey, finally experienced Altug Celikbilek defeated the famous player Christian Sigsgaard.

The second nation to create a record in the series from Europe/Africa group was Slovenia. They were able to mark a win by this weekend by defeating Egypt in Cairo. On the other side, Norway and South Africa both were able to record success in front of the huge home crowd during the matches played against Georgia and Bulgaria, respectively.

The next two ties happened between Asia/Oceania. These sessions remarked memorable victories for Chinese Taipei and New Zealand as well. None of these lost any live match this weekend. Note that New Zealand marked its victory against Indonesia during a match played at Jakarta, whereas Chinese Taipei proved its potential against Hong Kong. It is important to mention that China didn’t lose any set during this game.

Furthermore, the ties among Americas regions were much closer to each other. However, with huge efforts in the field, Bolivia was able to fight back to defeat Guatemala after 1.2 down. On the other side, Mexico recorded a mind-blowing win of 3-1 while playing against Paraguay in Asuncion.

After all matches, there were eight winners at all after Group II ties. They will be joining the Davis Cup in 2020. The playoffs for Group I are scheduled to happen in Thailand, Romania, Peru, and Lithuania. These matches will be for all those who won the clashes during Group III levels.

All the nations that lost matches this weekend during Group II ties will be able to take part in Group II playoffs during the month of March. These matches will happen with the best performing teams of Group II events. The fans must be ready to enjoy upcoming sessions at different locations.