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The Circle odds – Get the Best Odds at The Circle

The Circle Series 3 (2020) - Winner

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The Circle Series 2 (2019)


The Circle is one of the most unique reality shows on British television. The show is quite popular and garners exceptional ratings for Channel 4. Its unique concept is one of the reasons that the show has gained such a large fan following. People love to watch shows that are based on new and creative ideas. The prize money for the first season was £ 50,000. However, the amount was doubled in the second season of the show which means that the winner of this year’s show will win a whopping prize of £100,000.

How Does The Circle Work

Some people like to compare the format of The Circle with Big Brother even though both shows have their own unique style and format. As compared to the debut season, this season saw a slight change in the show format. The Circle is based on the idea that anyone can be anyone when they are inside the circle. The show runs for 20 plus days and during that time the contestants live in the same building but they are not allowed to meet each other. 

All the contestants live in their individual flats and are only allowed to communicate with each other through a specific voice controlled app. This is one of the most important aspects of the show. The Circle takes a page out of social media’s book. Players can portray themselves as any fictional or real people. Some contestants even play themselves. The contestants can communicate with each other through their falsely billed profiles. Based on the communications, each contestant has to rank other contestants from most favourite to least favourite. Once the ranking is done , the two most favorite contestants become influencers. This is also a nod to social media. The influencers will have the power to eliminate or “block” other contestants from the show. Other than the blocked players, all remaining players rate each other in the finale to decide the winner.

Who Is The Favorite To Win This Year

The finale for this year’s The Circle will be held on October 18th 2019. As mentioned before, in the last episode, all remaining players will rate each other for the very last time. The person who becomes the most favourite wins the show and £100,000. This year there are some very unique and creative entries on the list. Two contestants, Jack and Beth are collectively playing an old woman by the name of Joyce. This gives them an edge over other players in terms of coming up with creative ideas. However, they are still not the favourites to win the tournament. The pundits are expecting James to win this year. James is playing a single mom named Sammie. He has played his cards right since the start of the game. He put up a display picture of a woman with her small child so that other contestants would make an emotional connection to Sammie. He is playing the circle beautifully and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he comes out victorious in the 2019 season.