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Next Tottenham Manager

Spurs next manager odds

Tottenham next manager after Antonio Conte

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Antonio Conte

                      Since November 2021 Antonio Conte is the manager of Tottenham. The Italian became the second highest paid manager in the world. Conte signed a one-and-a-half-year contract with Tottenham, according to which he will earn 17,000,000 euros, and that will launch him to the position of the second highest paid coach in the world. Only Pep Guardiola will remain in front of him in Manchester City.

                      It's not all, only the money that Conte will ask for. The Italian expert wants to seriously strengthen the Tottenham team, which desperately needs fresh blood, because the leading players of the Spurs are already tired of failure, some of them would even go ... However, in the last transfer period the club didn’t fulfill any on the Conte’s wishes. He was furious with the club’s board but we will see how they will act in the summer transfer period.

                      Conte has been free on the market since leaving Inter last year, right after winning the Scudetto. Now he is waiting for a new chapter in London, in which he has already proven himself as a Chelsea manager. He is born winner, but with Spurs it will be difficult. The Italian refused to take over the Spurs during the summer, after receiving a nice compensation from Milan's Inter for the early termination of cooperation after winning the Serie A title. In the meantime, he seems to have rested well and prepared for new challenges. And they will be with the Spurs.

                      Now the team has been taken over by a man who is used to winning. As Cesc Fabregas once called him - a born winner. A man who won in every club he was in. With Bari Serie B, with Juventus three titles in Serie A. He was also the champion of England with Chelsea (he also won the FA Cup), and last season he conquered his homeland again, leading Milan's Inter. It seems that his engagement is the last attempt of Daniel Levi to break the fast and wipe the dust from the club windows.

                      Conte started his coaching career in Arezzo, later leading Bari, Atalanta and Siena, and then won the same number of Serie A titles with Juventus in three years. Since 2014, he has been the selector of the Italian national team. Then he joined Chelsea, Inter and now he is manager of Tottenham.

Before the start of the 2008-2009 season, it was officially announced that Antonio Conte was the coach of the Bari, club playing in the second Italian division - Serie B. In just one year, he led the team to the "elite". At the same time, due to disagreements with the club owners their Italian consent was not renewed. The next stop, which he headed, was Atalanta. He remained there for only three months, after which he was sacked. Next season, the young manager took over another Italian club - "Siena". Thanks to him, the team returned to the Serie A in 2011. In the same year he was appointed as manager of legendary Italian club Juventus. He remained there 3 seasons winning 3 Serie A titles. However, he didn’t manage to win the Champions league with the Italian giant and it was the biggest goal. After that he was appointed as manager of the national team of Italy and everyone were expecting much of him but he didn’t record any success.

                      His next stop was Blues from London, Chelsea. He successfully installed his ideas and tactics in the team and he won Premier League title in 2016/17 season and FA Cup in the following season. Last season he was manager of Inter and he dominated in Serie A proving that he is world class manager.

                      We can say that Tottenham is very different from these teams and it will be more difficult and more challenging to teach this team how to win any trophy since they haven’t won anything for years.

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