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BSL odds – Get the Best Odds at Basketball Super League

Who wins the Basketball Super League (BSL) 2020/2021?

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TBF announced the start date of the leagues

Turkish Basketball Federation, a new type of coronavirus outbreak's reason to "Basketball Return Protocol" to explain nudes, ING (BSL promoter) announced that it plans to launch the Basketball Super League on 26 September.

In the statement made, it was stated that the protocol on the federation of BSL's website was prepared by establishing a very comprehensive and strong communication. It was stated that the measures to be taken by all institutions in detail and meticulously were clearly explained in the protocol with the recommendation of the TBF Health Board.

In the protocol, which consists of 57 pages and 11 main titles in total, the starting date of the leagues was also announced. According to the protocol, ING Basketball Super League will start on September 26th. Herbalife Nutrition Women's Basketball Super League on 3 October, Turkey's Basketball League (BSL) is scheduled to begin on 16 October.

All possibilities are considered

TBF also shared various scenarios about the start of BSL with the protocol it published.

According to the protocol in which all alternatives are prepared, if the ING Basketball Super League (BSL) cannot start on September 26 or if the competitions are stopped indefinitely within the first 8 weeks, the "Shortened Season Process" (2nd Stage) will be activated. Stage 2 will start on January 9th. In case of problems in the first two stages, "Season Finalization Process" (3rd Stage) will be started. If a decision is made to play for Stage 3, the date will be announced later.

If the 2020-2021 season normal BSL competitions start and it is decided that the competitions are stopped and it is not possible to continue, the "White Season" will be announced. This procedure will also be valid for other leagues.

Friendly matches will start on September 1

TBF (Turkish Basketboll Federeation)  also determined the preparation match schedule of the clubs with the protocol it published. Accordingly, the clubs that will start their work will be able to organize a friendly game as of September 1. TBF also announced the rules of Covid-19 tests before matches.

The technical delegation, athletes and field officials  will take the Covid-19 test 48 hours before the matches. According to the test results, the postponement criteria of the matches were also determined in this protocol.

Petkimspor became the new team of the Basketball Super League as expected.

Turkey Bakırköybasket's shipped to tbl'y for failing to fulfill the financial criteria Basketball Federation ( ITU) has resulted in his application for arbitration and federations unfinished TBL season leading finishers Petkim Sports as expected, the new season in the Turkish Basketball Super League He announced that he would fight.

The statement made by the Federation was as follows:

Due to the decrease in the number of ING Basketball Super League teams, as a result of the failure to obtain a national license after the application made by the Bakırköy Basketball Sports Club Association for the 2020-2021 season within the scope of the Club Financial Audit and License Instruction, Petkim Spor His club qualified for the BSL.

During the process, as a result of the examination of the license application file of the Izmir team, it was observed that it fulfilled all the conditions required in the Club Financial Audit and Licensing Instruction.

According to this; BSL’s Federation Board of Petkim Sports Club's 2019-2020 season registered in the Turkey Basketball League, the consideration of which finished first, to grant national licenses and the team decided to take part in the ING Basketball Super League in the 2020-2021 season.