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Turkish Cup Odds

Turkish Cup

Who wins the Turkish Cup 2018/2019?

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Besiktas eliminated from the Turkish Cup

The defending Champion league team Besiktas was disqualified from the Ziraat Turkish Cup on the 5th of May after the Team refused to replay an interrupted semifinal match against his rival team Fenerbahce. Ziraat Bankasi is the sponsor of the tournament. The main second leg match that took place on the 19 of April at Fenerbahces home Stadium was stopped in the 57th minute because Besiktas's manager Senol Gunes was hit by an object. The object was thrown from the stands, and caused some major injuries on Senol Gunes's head. He was taken to the hospital to receive a fast treatment on his head, where eventually he got 5 stiches. The item which hit his head made him sprawl on the floor, luckily help arrived real quick to assist. This object was thorwn by a Fenerbahce fan, Besiktas Goalkeeper Tolga Zengin was arguing with some Fenerbahce fans before this happened, but it hit Gunes instead. Fenerbahce could face a stadium ban because of this. Alper Potuk was sent off from Fenerbahce for two yellow cards in the first leg. After this bad things happened the Turkish Federation acted in.

The Turkish federation (TFF) ordered the match to continue on May the 3rd and that this time, the match should be played behind closed doors. Besiktas assumed it should have been awarded with an automatic victory and did not agree to the rematch. They also stated that the Fenerbahce fans were behind this violent act. The Federation awarded on the 5th May a 3-0 victory for Fenerbahce, ordered Besiktas to pay back every commercial revenue it has earned from the cup competition this season and also said the club would be banned from the Turkish cup for the next season. The dangerous rivalry between the three Istanbul situated clubs - Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas. It is, a very intense season with just four points separating them and the upstart club Basaksehir, also based in the same city at the top of the Spor Toto Super League. With this on the mind it looks very dissapointing for Besiktas, since it got eliminated from the Turkish Cup. A very bad story to add to the history of Besiktas, but it happened. Due to the violent act, Fenerbahce has been stated as the Winner of this not so good ending match. The rematch should have taken place, but since it didn't now the Club must return every Money earned since the beginning of the season. Hopefully the future will look great for all of the teams.


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