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What are the Highest Paying Bookies for the 2023 Australian Open

Every year, tennis players from around the world gather at Melbourne Park in Australia for the Australian Open. The first of the four grand slam tournaments, the Australian Open, creates multiple markets for punters who enjoy tennis betting. The 2023 Australian Open is scheduled for January 16-29, 2023. Given its widespread popularity, top online bookies are sure to offer multiple betting options for the tournament.

This means that punters can choose from a plethora of sports betting sites. However, you should shop for the best Australian Open odds before placing bets. Remember that the higher the odds, the better profits you make from winning wagers.

We have created this simple guide to help you find online bookies with the best Australian Open odds. This guide also includes tips that you can employ when searching for these online betting sites.

How to find the best Australian Open Odds

Each bookmaker has its own odds. So, what you win from betting on one site might not be what you get from another. If an online bookie offers competitive odds, you can make more money from that platform than from one with lower odds. That’s why the odds are one of the most important things to check when selecting a betting site.

Keep in mind that the payout for tennis differs from the general payout of the sportsbook. Online bookies’ average payout might be generally lower than those specific to tennis. Likewise, the available payout could be higher than what you get from betting on the Australian Open. That’s why the general payout shouldn’t apply when you’re shopping for the best odds.

What you should look for are low tennis vigorish and high payouts. In case you’re not familiar with the term “vigorish,” this is simply the advantage the sportsbook has. For instance, if the VIG of a sportsbook is 3.51%, the bookmaker gets $3.50 of each $100 bet you place in the long run.

Through this advantage, the betting operator makes its profit, regardless of whether punters lose or win their bets. The higher the VIG, the lower your payout, and vice versa. There’s no way to outrun this advantage, so you should look for sites with a lower percentage.

You can calculate the VIG by using a simple formula:

VIG = (odds for the favorite/(favorite odds + 100) x 100) + (100/(Underdog odds + 100) x 100) – 100

Note: For this calculation, you don’t need to include the “-" attached to the favorite.

Tips for choosing the best site

Similar to searching for the best NongamstopUKcasino sites, punters have a lot to consider when choosing online bookies. Aside from the odds, there are many other things to factor in that will determine if that betting site is best for you. The following are tips that can help you choose the best online bookie for tennis betting.

Pick a site based on your betting preferences

Do you enjoy pre-match wagering or are you a fan of live betting? This is an essential thing to consider when picking a sportsbook. Many betting sites will offer markets for pre-match betting, but not all platforms have great live betting options. So, if your interests lie more in wagering on live events, you have to look for sites with great live tennis betting markets and odds.

What if you just enjoy watching these events via live streaming? Then seek online bookies with excellent live streaming features. For instance, there are many non-Gamstop casinos with great online sportsbooks integrated into their platforms. These sportsbooks have live streaming, and some of them cover tennis events like the Australian Open. Even if you’re only playing casino games, you can watch the Australian Open live on the same platform.

Learn more about the promotions

Taking advantage of certain promotions is a good way to lower the VIG on some betting markets. Many online sportsbooks have promotional deals to lure in bettors. So, you won’t have a problem finding platforms with attractive sports betting bonuses for the Australian Open Tournament.

However, a bonus is not just about how much you get; they usually have terms and conditions. Some online bookies might have seemingly generous promotions, but the conditions attached will be unreasonable. If you can’t meet those terms, you can’t withdraw the winnings you made with the bonus. So, make it second nature to always run through the bonus terms and conditions, no matter how attractive the offer is.

Check out the payment methods

You can’t deposit without a suitable payment method. Consequently, you won’t be able to claim bonuses or place bets. Likewise, if an online bookie doesn’t support a withdrawal method you can use, cashing out your earnings becomes difficult. This makes it important to be sure that the site supports payment methods you can easily and safely use for transactions.

Mobile compatibility

If you’re always on the go, you should be able to place bets using your smartphone or tablet. This calls for a mobile-friendly bookie. Many betting sites either have mobile applications or their site was built to adapt to mobile devices.

However, you should check how well the platform functions on your device. We recommend sites with an uncluttered page, a simple layout, and fast-loading pages. Though live streaming is rarely available for mobile betting sites, there should be live betting markets as well. In short, the mobile version should be just as functional as the desktop site.

Final thoughts

There isn’t a “perfect” online bookmaker. These sites are not created equal, so some have better offerings than others. You might find a bookie with great bonuses, but the odds are not up to standards. Similarly, you might find sportsbooks with great odds, but they are lacking in terms of bonuses.

That’s why registering on more than one betting site is an option. You’re not under any obligation to settle for just one online bookie. However, when picking these platforms, even if they don’t have everything you want, ensure they have excellent offerings. Look out for good odds, reasonable terms and conditions, suitable payment methods, and more.