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Who will win EuroBasket 2022?

EuroBasket, also known as the European Basketball Championship, is an international competition which takes place every two years. It is contested by the senior men’s national teams in Europe, who are affiliated with and governed by the European Basketball Federation. The European Basketball Federation forms part of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) structure. The first EuroBasket championship was held and hosted by Switzerland following the establishment of FIBA in 1935.

Since its inception, the management of EuroBasket has used several formats aimed at making the competition exciting and attractive to national teams and basketball followers. The simple round-robin where each national team played in turn against each other was used in 1939. Later the format was changed to a three-stage competition and later changed again to a two-stage tournament meaning that it commences with a preliminary round where twenty-four qualified teams are placed equally into four groups. The top four teams of each group proceed to the knockout stage (single-elimination tournament). The new structure is very similar to the format used in the UEFA Champions League and its betting structures. Visiting casinos not with Gamstop will see you place EuroBasket 2022 bets and hopefully win!

Previous EuroBasket Winners

Past and recent winners of EuroBasket included the Soviet Union, Lithuania, the former Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Slovenia. The former Soviet Union was the most prosperous nation, having won fourteen gold medals, three silver medals, and four bronze medals. The former Yugoslavia follows second by winning the title eight times. That said, both the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia are no longer nations.

Spain is in third place, winning gold medals three times and runners-up on six occasions. Lithuania also won the tournament three times, while the Italians and Greeks won the competition twice. Winning the game once included France, Russia, Germany and Slovenia.

EuroBasket 2022 will mark the forty-first edition of the tournament organized by FIBA Europe. The competition was slated to take place in September 2021. Still, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the eventual postponement of the Summer Olympic 2020 to the following year, the tournament will now be held between 1st to 18th September 2022. Like the previous two editions of the tournament, EuroBasket 2022 will be co-hosted by four European countries, namely, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, and Italy. The group stage will be played in the four selected countries, whilst the knock-out stage will be held in Berlin in Germany.

Countdown to EuroBasket 2022

EuroBasket 2022 is expected to be one of the most competitive events for European basketball national teams. Twenty-four countries have managed to qualify for the final stages of the tournament. A substantial number of this year’s qualifiers are past winners of the competition, and this auger well for the level of excitement and brilliant performances by respective nations. Past tournament winners and new hopefuls will undoubtedly do their utmost to regain the former glory or bring glory to their country.

The qualified countries have been placed in four groups as follows:

Group A – consists of Montenegro, Georgia, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Turkey.

Group B – consists of Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, BIH, and France.

Group C – consists of Greece, Estonia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Italy, and Croatia.

Group D – consists of the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Israel, and Serbia.

Russia is out and Montenegro in

Given the war in Ukraine, the organizers of EuroBasket 2022 have decided to ban Russia from competing in this year’s tournament. Montenegro was named the alternative country to replace the Russians in the competition.

Group A hosts the hot favourites to win the competition. Spain is expected to secure the top post in this Group, although the Spaniards will have strong opposition from Turkey and Georgia. Less rated in this Group are Belgium, Montenegro, and Bulgaria though anything can happen on the playing pitch.

In Group B, France is looking in good shape to clinch one of the top four spots in the table to qualify for the knock-out stage. This Group is filled with all possibilities as the French are expected to face a hard challenge from the Germans, Lithuanians, and past winners of the tournament Slovenia. This Group also includes less rated but very competitive national teams from Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Past winners of the competition, Greece, are rated to top the table in Group C and proceed to the knock-out phase of the tournament. The remaining three top positions in the Group will be a fearful battle between the national teams of Italy, Croatia, Ukraine, Estonia, and Great Britain. This Group is less predictable than other Groups and will keep viewers and basketball fans glued to their seats as the competitors fight it out to gain access to the knock-out stage.

In Group D, Serbia and the Czech Republic have enough talent and skill to make it to the top two places in the Group. The actual situation between these two basketball giants is which national team will top the table. It is almost certain that both Serbia and the Czech Republic will make it to the knock-out stage. The battle for the remaining two spots in between Poland, Finland, Israel, and the Netherlands. The situation in Group D is very similar to that in Group C. Fans will have the necessary entertainment to follow closely which teams will join Serbia and the Czech Republic in the knock-out phase.

Who are the leading contenders to win?

It seems that Serbia, Greece and the Czech Republic are the leading contenders to overcome the challenges and win EuroBasket 2022. However, one cannot exclude the current winners of EuroBasket 2017, Slovenia. Punters need to remember what happened during EuroBasket 2017 when Slovenia, a less rated team than Serbia, managed to beat the Serbians in the final to bring glory to Slovenia for the first time. In addition, bettors should follow closely the developments surrounding the national teams of Greece and Italy and should not exclude the possibility of these teams providing the tournament with surprises.

An exciting summer looms on the horizon as EuroBasket 2022 kicks off in September, leading to the tournament's final in Berlin, Germany, on the 18th of September. Although the Group stage looks to be an exciting feature as all twenty-four teams battle it out to gain access to the knock-out stage, the next phase of the tournament is downright deadly as each team has to win direct games to proceed to the final.