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Who’s Leading the US Presidential Race?

As 2020 continues to move forward, a huge event punters on either side of the Atlantic are looking forward to is the US general election. Will it mean a new change of pace for millions of American citizens? Or, will Donald Trump claim a second victory and four more years in office?

It’s safe to say that the odds on who’s going to be the next President are fairly tight. Punters who use services such as the PayPal casino STS provides, as well as high street bookmaker platforms, will likely be looking into the statistics out of pure curiosity.

Will, the bookies, get the victor right, or will the polls win through?

Who’s Leading the Race?

This is something which is going to change very quickly over time. Over the summer, Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden has led incumbent President Donald Trump in the polls. This lead has extended to as much as 14 points in some cases.

That, however, is only an early indication as to how things are going to go. There is plenty of time yet to see odds change. Odds seem to be reflecting the polls, too, with short prices available on Biden just inching ahead of Trump in most cases.

However, it’s still clear that you can get good prices on Trump. That’s the nature of the US election scene – it’s tough to predict. Odds on Hillary Clinton winning in 2016 were, for a long time, shorter than those for Trump to take charge. That’s why Trump taking the Presidency at all was something of a surprise, even for his supporters.

What Might Change the Odds?

Anything could change the odds at this stage. Democrat supporters and anti-Trump voters might see the current odds and breathe a sigh of relief. However, 2020 has been unpredictable thus far – meaning there is no reason to rule Trump and the Republican Party out of the race just yet.

The current global crisis, and how President Trump is handling matters, will likely continue to affect his odds. Trump has experienced dropping ratings over the past year, while interest in Biden appears to be picking up.

That said, should Biden drop out of the race, or should Trump turn his ratings around in the next few months, there’s no guarantee he will win through in November. Much of this also relies on how the dyed-in-the-wool states will vote for candidates by the autumn.

Who Should You Bet On?

Expert opinion is divided. During the summer, all figures and stats point towards Biden being a safe return. However, if we have learnt anything from 2016, it’s not to underestimate Trump. The President still has a core following. However, the US populace is hungry for change, and that might mean Biden clinches victory.

Make sure to follow odds carefully up to the start of November. Canvassing is only just getting started. That means anything can happen – and only a really brave political analyst would comfortably call this one right now.