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German second league odds

German second league odds

Who wins the 2. Bundesliga 2021/2022?

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2. Bundesliga

The 2. Bundesliga is the second highest division in German football. Relegation from the league will put you into the 3. Liga and promotion will shoot you into the biggest league in German football, the Bundesliga. The top 2 teams in the league will be automatically promoted with the team 1st being crowned as champions. The team that finishes in 3rd place qualifies for a play off with the team that finishes 16th in the Bundesliga. This play off is played over 2 legs, one at home and one away and the winner is promoted to the Bundesliga/ stays in the Bundesliga. Teams finishing 4th-15th remain in the 2. Bundesliga, whilst the teams finishing 17th and 18th are immediately relegated to the 3. Liga. Similarly, to the team in 3rd place, the team in 16th place enters a relegation/promotion play off with the team 3rd in 3. Liga.